Cannot plan route because house is off the map

Apr 20, 2007
Oklahoma City, OK, USA
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom GO 510
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3. INABILITY TO PLAN A ROUTE because TomTom GO 510 plans based upon the current GPS location (and map does not show a connecting road). It would be nice if I could "bridge the gap" between my physical GPS location and the CLOSEST CONNECTING ROAD, and THEN continue planning the route. Perhaps a function could be included where I could DRAW IN A CONNECTING ROAD ON MY OWN, just so I can navigate to the nearest road! As it is now, it is useless trying to plan routes from my current GPS location (home!).
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Take your unit to the road in front of your house. Set that as your Home location.
Once you set your home location to the nearest street, you can do a "prepare route" from your new "Home" to the destination. Once you drive your prepare route directions will continue from the street.
Thanks mvl, that's acceptable until the MapShare change takes effect (although I still wish the roads hadn't mysteriously gone missing after purchasing the "brand new" map :mad:).

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