730 v 720

Essentially, not a darned thing is different. When you bump up the application version of a 720 to 8.302 and get the current NA map, actually, 8.15 or the current 8.25, you have turned a 720 into a 730.

Other than the colour of the outer shell of the 2 models, they are identical. BOTH will have IQ routing (map 8.0 through 8.10) or IQ2 routing (8.15 and 8.25).
There are a couple of other differences:

1/ The x20 uses v6,9 Loquendo TTS files, the x30 uses v7,0 or 7,1 (you can upgrade the Loquendo Voice pack by downloading certain files from TomTom so this isn't an issue.

2/ The x20 uses a Blue/ grey menu colour scheme, the x30 range use a "Terry Chocolate Orange" i.e. brown and Orange, this cannot be altered, but its insignificant

Depending upon where you are located it is possible to get the 720 for under ?150 in the UK at the moment which is quite a bargain - Mike
But as DHN mentioned, hardware and resource-wise, the 720 is identical in every respect to the 730, same with the 920 being exactly the same as the 930.

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