PC and Traffic Receiver connection issues with GO720/730

Oct 7, 2009
TomTom Model(s)
Does anyone else out there experience issues whereby after a few days of normal operation the device won't connect to the RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver and subsequently connect to PC and TomTom Home until a "soft" reset is performed?

I am in Sydney an have been experiencing this for months now. It has been reported to TomTom Customer Service and I've had application software replaced twice and a new motherboard/circuit board also. Problem then came back and GO720 was replace with GO730 and issue still existed with this model as well. I am still in contact with TomTom Cust Svce and awaiting further advice/instructions.:confused:

I am also running Bluetooth conneciton for my Nokia Classic 6120 at the same time so could be related to this as well as I have seen posts where some devices reset themselves automatically mid-navigation and won't work until soft reset.

Any comments or feedback gratefully received.

Many thanks. Rod. Sydney
Yes, to all of the above. I have found no magic pill to fix this. But thankfully, my Go takes the resets just fine, and the connections work again. I usually have to do it every 3 to 4 weeks. My phone is a Nokia E71, and recently had its firmware updated to the 300 series. That seemed to help, since the update made the bluetooth work better. I'm in New York.

there is a bug where bluetooth shuts down every few days. i dont think tomtom wants to deal with situation any moore. their coming out with lives services now sow you dont need your phone to connect.sure their will be other bugs .
Update on RDS TMS reset issues

Well I did downgrade the GO730 device in consultation with TomTom Australia however the issues only got worse in that I lost my Nokia Classic 6120 mobile phone compatibility AND I was having to perform soft resets EVERY DAY to get the RDS TMS antenna to connect to the device ! I have now gone back to the latest GO730 application and am now waiting for TomTom's new application which should fix the problem. Hopefully TomTom will give this some priority since the antenna is a TomTom device !

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