RDS traffic receiver no longer picking up traffic news

May 20, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
Start 20
Hi, I have a Start 20 model and had bought a RDS receiver / charger cable. This has worked fine for a couple of years, on startup it says RDS receiver connected and then has the little spinning circle in the centre of the RHS traffic bar.

For years this has been fine, but for the last month or so it no longer seems to recognise traffic data signals, then randomly will connect & receive data, and then won't find anything else for a week or three.

Anything I can do to get it to re-sync to the RDS systems at all, or is it bust. I didn't believe that they were time limited, it said nothing like that on the packet, so any ideas?

Any help gratefully received.

No, there's no time limiting issue with those receivers but they definitely do have a shelf life in terms of reliability. At least, some do.

When it is not receiving traffic data, the device still gives the message that it has detected the rds-tmc antenna when inserted, right?

Perhaps, Try a drum reset on the unit by holding the power button about 20 seconds till you hear the drum sounds. See if that helps.
Hi, Thanks for the reply.

When I power on the unit it does say RDS-TMC unit recognised and the RHS traffic bar is there, which it isn't when you just use a power cable, so I'm sure that it is talking to the unit properly.

It's just that normally it used to have the little wheel spinnning thing, then go to a bar with a car at the top and then any delays etc listed quite quickly... At the moment all I get is the wheel spinning thing...

I have tried a drum reset and will see if that helps.


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