RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver Not Recognized By XXL IQ Routes.

May 29, 2011
I have an XXL IQ Routes which came with the USB*RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver. Although my device is running the most up to date application, is correctly connected to the power supply and I live in a country which provides coverage (Switzerland), the receiver fails to be recognized by navigation device. Nothing happens when the receiver is plugged in; no status bar in the top rght hand corner.*
I have contacted TOMTOM support, but am waiting for an answer. I have also searched both TOMTOM support and this forum for a possible solution. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!
Try resetting the unit.

Thanks for the reply. Do you mean I should completely restore the unit to its factory condition (the device is backed up to my computer), or simply hold down the power button until the Jungle Boogie plays, which I have already done with no success?
I had meant holding the power button.

You can try restoring to factory settings and see it that fixes the issue.

Or try uninstalling the application and re-installing.

The only other thought I have is perhaps the traffic part of the charger is faulty.
If you're not getting a "Connected" message on the unit when the antenna is connected, you likely either have a bad antenna or there is no power to the antenna. Are you certain you have power? There should be a little green bulb illuminated on the power plug when you have power. You might also check the fuse in the plug.

My antenna went bad on me after two months and I ended up exchanging the entire unit. My unit wouldn't tune to a radio station even though I live in an area with traffic coverage. Despite this, I still got the "Connected" message. My guess is that this is a power problem or a faulty plug.

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