Your site does not work correctly with Opera 12.16

Thanks for the heads up Bily, I'll check this out tomorrow morning and see if I can get it fixed.
Nevermind, I changed my customized toolbars back to standard and the right side of the page in the forum magically appeared.
I dearly love the Opera browser, but sometimes it's too complicated for its own good. ;)
Glad it's working now :).

What it could be is the sidebar disappearing because the window width is narrow. The site should automatically adjust elements so that it resizes nicely on all widths of a display - so on a smartphone or tablet it should still be useable.
FWIW, I've had no problem using Opera in Windows 7. It has been my normal browser at home for years in XP and now W7, and I am currently using the latest version in W7.

- Tom -

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