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Jul 19, 2021
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I tried to upload new maps etc, the upload stopped half way through and a message said that my device is no longer supported, when disconnecting from my pc I found that all the OS had been deleted, When I now go to "HOME" and plug my Tomtom on, the Tomtom logo flashes for a second and then a lit up blank screen, can anyone help please?
I am surprised that a new map was offered at all for your XXL. The largest version was 2GB, and none have SD cards. TomTom ceased producing new map sets for units with those kind of memory constraints some time ago. Perhaps yours had only a UK & ROI map?

Lousy timing on my part, but I'm going incommunicado for a few days starting later this morning. We know that HOME should offer a new OS if it can't find one on the device. As it can't get any worse, how do you feel about deleting the OS and seeing if HOME will cooperate? Of course, the much larger concern is over the map, which can't be replaced by HOME.

At some point in the distant past, you likely downloaded a full map set. IF you're still on the same PC where that was done, dhn may be able to help you locate them. IF they can be located on your PC, then he can steer you through reformatting your device, having HOME reinstall the OS, then replacing the map on your device from your PC.
At the moment, I can't do anything with the unit, ie, I open Home, click on "Update my device" I'm asked to connect the device to the computer and switch on, when I do this I get a TomTom logo and some music for about half a second, then a lit up light grey screen, the message on that page is "No device connected" I can't even power off the unit, I have to wait for a couple of minutes for it to switch itself off!
I have a new PC but my old one is still working, that is if the OS is on it.
1. Go here: English — TomTom Community and create an account with the username/password same as you've used to log into Home.
2. Create a thread detailing your problem about a missing map. IMPORTANT: Flag @VikramK in your post. He is the moderator and has the ability to add a map to a user's account.

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