XXL 550 Mount Falls Off When Adjusted

Nov 19, 2011
I have a TomTom XXL 550. When I mount it to the winshield there are two problems.
- Rotator knob does not stay in locked position & loosens, eventually letting device fall off of windshied
- When mounted on windshield, mechanical latch from mount to GPS will come apart when attempting to readjust GPS viewing angle

I have had this issue since it I purchased the GPS. In fact, I bought two at the same time and gave one as a gift. The other person has the same issues.

Comparitively, my TomTom One has a robust mount. Its design is simple and highly effective. It never come apart from the GPS and never falls off of the windshield.

Has TomTom recognized that this mount is, well, junk? Do they offer alternative windshield mount that is better designed?

Does TomTom have a redesigned windshield mount available? I prefer the windshield mounts over a dash bag so I am interested in finding a better windshield mount.
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It is a tricky mount, I agree. I find that mounting the unit on the ring and then attaching to the windshield helps. When I connect the unit to the ring, I put the unit face down and run my fingers completely around the ring, making sure it truly snaps onto the ring completely.

As for attaching to the windshield ..........I use pressure on the mount as I turn the dial to the lock position. It helps.

Finally, a place like mountguys.com might provide an alternative mount you would prefer.
I think that of all the mounts TomTom has designed, this was the worst (closely followed by the similar looking permanently fixed mount on the Via and Start models).

I have an XL (smaller screen) and even on that, if you clip the mount to the unit first, it's really hard to reach around the unit to get to the locking knob. The XXL must be even worse.

And if you fix the mount to the screen first, you have to be REALLY careful to clip the ring to the unit all the way round.
I use a dash bag mount because I don't want to advertise to miscreants that my car contains a portable GPS. Even with the dash bag you need to be careful to not pop the unit out of the mount when doing angle adjustments.

The keys seem to be:
- Make certain all three locking springs are anchored into the ring mount.
- Only grasp the unit in the center when adjusting to eliminate any twisting motion which can cause the springs to pop free.
I have the UK version of the xxl and I have a One (30 series) they both have the same mounting system. One of the problems I found was that the ball joint on both units was very tight so I sprayed both ball joints with a silicon spray and working it well into the joint it still works OK but is much easier to make adjustments without the unit pulling off the ring mount.

I still have the same problem trying to use the locking ring on the suction cup

If you have flat air vents you can use something like this
http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/..._productId_786001_langId_-1_categoryId_165679 and it brings the TT a lot nearer to you and you don't get the rings left by the suction mount on the windscreen

I have a similar device fitted to my air vent and it takes the weight of the bigger xxl screen unit OK

If you are stuck :) for something else to use the silicon spray for put it on the car door rubber seals and it will stop the door sticking in freezing weather Joe
I had the same problem with an XL.
I pulled out the two rubber stoppers which cover the screws and just slackened off the screws very slightly.

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