What is the latest map for a XXL550TM?

Feb 18, 2015
Darien, IL
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I have an XXL550TM and I haven't updated it in a while. I hooked it up to my computer today and the HOME software updated and is not at

I then logged in and let it do the updates for my unit and it only updated my map corrections and the GPS fix I think.

My map version for US/CAN/MEX is showing as:

From what I am seeing posted on here, that seems to be out of date. Since I have lifetime map updates, shouldn't this be updating on my unit? I don't even see anything when I go to the "purchase" maps section, that Map doesn't even show as having something to buy that I can update.

Any thoughts?

OK, so any idea why I can't update mine then, why it isn't letting me either have my lifetime map update or even the option to buy the update?

I then logged in and let it do the updates for my unit and it only updated my map corrections and the GPS fix I think.

My map version for US/CAN/MEX is showing as:
Um, yes. 865 was released 2/2011 ... four years ago. New maps are released every 3 months. Have you never had a full map update in all that time? This may have been purchased during the time you received the voucher in the box that required you to call TomTom to start the subscription. I would call tech support and see if you can get your subscription started!

I have had a full map update, I probably haven't done one in 6 months now, but I was doing it quarterly since I have bought the unit from Costco, about 2-3 years ago now. That is why I am so confused as well.

I am looking at my backup, and the files I see for the Map area shows having been backed up in July of 2014, that is probably about the last time I did a full update and I hadn't plugged in the unit since then until today.

I don't think I have my subscription information any longer, I honestly don't even know where to start looking for that any more.

I'll try and call tech support.
Ah, well, that's better news, though I do not understand how you say "I was doing it quarterly ... 2-3 years ago now". The map you report as being installed on your unit is four years old. Then you describe a 'full update' in July 2014. Do you mean a new map as well? If so, that should have been map 930. We might want to sort this problem in parallel.

You don't by chance own more than one TomTom, do you?

You shouldn't need your subscription info, just the unit serial number, since you were getting maps before.
I called tech support and am finishing up working with them, but here is the answers to your questions.

No, I don't own more than one TomTom, this is my first and only unit.
I was doing quarterly full updates, including maps, since I originally bought the unit from Costco, about 2-3 years ago. I have not had any problems in that time frame for any updates that I can recall.

I did a full update around July 2014 and it worked fine, I haven't taken the TT out of my car since then so no chance to update it until today.

So far with TT tech support they had me connect up the unit and start TT Home, and then go to "Manage My XXL" and then to "Remove Items From Computer". On that tab there were 4 Maps listed, one of them was a 925, and a 930 (I think) and the 4 one was the 865 one I listed in my original message. Tech Support had me delete all 4 of them and then hit the "update my xxl" button again. Now it is finding the update for 941.xxxx, but I am first having to delete the current Map file on my device and it is backing up my device now. Then I will install the 941.xxxx update, but it appears things are working now.

I really appreciate the help on here as well as with Tech Support. I'll post back my results.

I guess I should have asked, and I did think to do so, but...

When you said "My map version for US/CAN/MEX is showing as: 865.3254", was that the map reported on the face of your unit ('Status & Information' / Version information buttons), or something you had seen in Home? I'm beginning to suspect the latter, because otherwise, you've been downloading a lot of maps that were never being installed on your unit.

Let us know how it goes with 941. Be aware: as of map 940, the XXL is often no longer capable of holding the entire North America map (unless you strip it of almost everything else!), and so TomTom is making segmented maps available to XXL users (and a lot of others, for that matter). Since you don't have a slot for a uSD card, it's the only way of managing the problem with a 2GB unit. I assume that Home offered your choice of how much of 941 to install?
The map version was what I saw from HOME when I clicked on the "more information" button when I was in the
manage my xxl" area of home.

I was able to successfully install 941 on the unit now after doing the above steps with Tech Support. It did prompt me as you stated when I tried to do the install and I no longer have all of the US/CAN/MEX, but I still was able to put on all of the US, which is what I needed for me.

Thanks again to this forum and to Tech Support for their prompt assistance with my issue, it is great to work with a company and people on a forum who care and are responsive and helpful.

The good news is that if you decide to operate somewhere else in North America, you can load a different segment onto your unit. Takes a while, but at least it's possible.

Glad you got it sorted.

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