Number of the latest Start 25 Europe map?

Aug 5, 2011
SW France
TomTom Model(s)
Start 25 Europe
I've just downloaded what I hope if the latest Europe map for my Start 25. The number shown on the device is v925.5451 but dated 2/14.

Can someone please confirm that this is the latest, please?
Many thanks tgold, and there's me thinking I was up to date :oops:

Can I assume that these new maps are published every six months? and how do I find out when they are available?

I have a deal for updating my map six times so it would be very helpful to know when I should do it.
Maps are published quarterly, and the version number has traditionally been incremented by 5 each time. So your 925 map is only one behind, but as noted, 935 should be coming out any time now.
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Whoops, I hope I'm not replying to this answer twice but thank you tgold for your quick reply.

I have a deal for updating my map six times and am trying for the first time to download it. However, the download was rather quick so I needed to find out if it had succeeded. I've had my Start 25 for about 18 months with many Mapshare updates but not a main map download. A couple of weeks ago the device told me my map was six months out of date which I why I'm trying now to update.

Is there anyway I can find out if a map update is available?
Cheers, canderson, that is very helpful.

and of course, during these exchanges my device has started to download a far larger file (over 2hrs) so I'm hoping that it is 'doing the business' now.
I've never heard of a six times update plan you described, but if you are limited in exactly that way and with no time limit then you might consider aborting the current download of a map that may be replaced within days and wait for v935.
Oh, b*m, I just came back to say that v930 has installed and then I read your message . . . . . :rolleyes:

Thanks anyway, tgold. By the way, I don't think there is a time limit, just the number of updates I can download.
I suspect it's one of those Euro plans where the user pays for the subscription and then receives the next 6 quarterly updates, not 6 updates whenever he feels like taking advantage of them. So I doubt that downloading 930 has done any more damage than to use up a little unnecessary bandwidth from his ISP.
I've just checked and you are correct. I paid £45 for four updates over a year and then get two updates 'free' so effectively eighteen months of updates.

Thankfully I don't have limits to the amount of data I download so its not a problem.

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