XL LIVE GPS position stuck

Jan 1, 2011
TomTom Model(s)
Hi, there ! Today after two days using my new XL LIVE map stuck in one place for a few hours :mad:, browsing shows planned route with traffic.Restart lost traffic and live services, didn't help with position. Any idea how to fix that? Thank for reply.
Did you actually reset the unit (holding the power button for about 10 seconds till you hear the drum roll on that model, I believe .... if it doesn't have a dedicated reset hole).
Hi dhn no drums. Didn't know... there is no reset hole. I tried switch map (got only 1) it help to release position. After that there was no GSP signal. Another shut down-start and it started working, however without live services. Had to log in again and after each start. Now I am home figuring what next.....Thank you for help.
Do you have something like a 'network status' icon on your unit that you can select & see what's there. In other words, are you logged in?
Not sure about network icon. I've loged in in frist place today after trouble had to log in again. Shall I delete and restore back from backup?
Was it an Explorer, not Home, backup and was it done prior to your having issues?

If so, worth a shot, I guess............
How exactly I can do restart with drums roll? I am holding button and it strating normaly... just krack from speaker. Yes it was backup trough Explorer all files.
Press and HOLD the on/ off switch and keep it pressed for about 20 seconds or until the device starts up with a drum roll, only at this point should you release the on/ off switch - Mike
OK> it started and then restarted, This is hard reset OK? Should sort a few troubles on the waaaaay. I am off to pick missis. Thanks for help.
Resetting the device using the on/ off switch is really a soft reset as you won't lose any settings.

A hard reset is performed using the Change Preferences/ Restore factory defaults option if you do this you will lose settings such as your Home location, recent destinations and any POI warning settings you have made - Mike

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