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Jul 14, 2012
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820 Live
Just about to buy my first Satnav & thinking about buying the 820 Live. Only reallly looking for UK directions, congestion/re-routing, and speed camera capability. Reading this forum site it has been suggested disabling TT speed camera database and installing GPSWorld as it is more accurate and up to date.

Is this possible? Any views? any issues to be considered if this is achieved? How can this be done? How do I disable TT? How do I install GPSWorld? What size SD card will be reqd, if any? Does the 820 have sufficient memory? etc etc?

Any alternatives I should consider?

Yes, It must have been this article I read. Is this process simple? How would I disable the TT & install the GPSWorld? Any issues etc etc?

Thx for responding
You might find it better to get detailed answers over at PGPSW, where you'll find full tutorials and install instructions.

Installing their speed cam database is just like installing any other user 'point of interest' files and setting up warnings for them

Here's the install instructions for the "normal" method
[url=http://www.pocketgpsworld.com/uksafetycameras-tomtom-nav3.php]Installation Guide NAV3 (OV2)[/URL]

And here are the instructions for an alternative method for Internet Explorer users who cannot select several files at once.
Installation Guide (Single Zip File)

Normally you won't need an extra SD card, the files involved are quite small.

To disable the TT alerts, you can just switch them off in the settings menu on the TomTom.
But we often suggest you run them both side by side for a while, so you can see how much more accurate the PGPSW data is! (and better warnings too)
THEN turn off the TomTom-supplied one.

The most laborious part of the set-up is when you assign all the warning voices to each camera type and speed. That's quite a boring 10 minutes of button tapping on the TomTom, but you only have to do it once.
After that, updating the database just means downloading the latest camera data and pushing those to the TomTom, where they automatically replace the old versions.
There are two versions of the 820 on the market. One has 2GB internal memory and covers UK/ROI for £139.95. The other has 4GB of internal memory and covers E and W Europe for £177.98 (both amazon.co.uk prices). The W Europe map (plus a uSD card to fit it onto the 2GB model) would run you £49.95, so it really comes down to whether you'd ever need any additional map coverage.

You might also want to look at an 825 with the slightly larger screen, but apart from that, it's going to function like an 820.

Both are decent units with better features than some of the lesser TomTom models, especially the Live services, which can be very handy.
Thanks. Not really interested in overseas maps so 820 it is then! Reviews seem ideal for me, Amazon at c£140 is also the right sort of price, may look to John lewis also.

Thx again - much appreciated

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