820 go live reset lose recent destination n more!

Feb 23, 2012
Hi all

I have bought a new go live 820, first day I navigated to somewhere within minutes the screen black I tapped the screen and it came back to life is this a fluke reset?

Today turned on device after left it on charge yesterday, and noticed on turning on it said plug in to comp may be a new map, which I guess not as I did the updates my tomtom software suggested? Also it lost my recent destinations and was set to always ask where to navigate on start up but I always leave it on start where I last left setting.

Is this due to a new update? It said 2 updates but only showed cameras to update when I clicked download? Must find the how to back up guide!!

Thanks in advance
Did it actually re-boot, or did the screen just come back as it was before?
After a reboot, you should see a loading screen.
Is it just possible you have it set to dim the screen between instructions? (that's in battery saving settings).

If it's a new device, you should be entitled to a new map under the Latest Map Guarantee. If it doesn't get offered to you by MyTomTom, ring Customer Services and ask them to assign it to your account..

After a software update, it often resets some of your favourite settings, that's just something to get used to.

I'm afraid there is NO way to back up these new models that use MyTomTom. TT reckon that everything an be re-downloaded from their servers if you need it. We've yet to see that demonstrated.
Hi Andy,

The screen just came back where it left off, telling me which way to go around the roundabout, the screen went black, but the talking continued. I did check that setting and it is not checked.
Second trip it did the same thing only this time, the screen went white (navigating voice continued) and a diagram of a tomtom with blue circles going around it came up! This lasted a good 30-45 seconds then lost the route, and within seconds carried on. The only thing that changed was the Traffic warning i had been through 5 minutes earlier dissapeard from the traffic bar??!?!

I must admit i read tons of bad reviews before buying about hours of downlading maps but mine has been done v quickly (firefox) so how do i know if i have the latest map?

Sounds like i could have a faulty unit ? Not sure! I miss my tomtom one. You turned it on.... It told you where to go. Sturdy little thing!


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