GO1005 Battery dead since recent GPS & Live Services problems

Apr 11, 2012
Kent, UK
TomTom Model(s)
Go Live 6100
OK... So, it appears that TomTom were a bit unlucky with the chip / leap year problem causing the GPS issue last week. Having that happen at the same time as the fire in the Vodaphone centre causing all Live services to fail was doubly unlucky.

However, having pushed through all that and come out the other side, something else has gone wrong which started with the update about 10 days ago.

The software on my Go Live 1005 doesn't appear to recognise the battery any more. It will only function at all when connected to either the computer or the car's power supply. As soon as you disconnect the power lead, it shuts down with the 'low battery' screen yet, immediately before doing that, you can check the battery status in 'settings' and have it showing 90% or 95%... It's as if either the battery won't charge any more OR that the software won't recognise that the battery is actually charged.

There was no such problem before the recen software upgrade about 10 days ago which co-incided with the start of the other recent problems and the unit is only 14 months old (purchased in Feb 2011). So it's out of warranty if the battery has failed, but I'll be damned if I'm paying €105 for an out of warranty repair on a top of the range £200 (odd) sat nav that's only just a year old. A rechargable battery on such a product should last longer than a year.

Luckly, in the UK, we have The Sale of Goods Act 1977, which gives consumer protection beyond the manufacturers warranty period IF the goods were faulty at the time of purchase. It could reasonably be argued that a £200 sat nav battery should last longer than 14 months and that would allow a claim against the retailer (Halfords, in this case). I would actually hope though, that TomTom themselves would offer some kind of goodwill repair and accept that they should be doing better themeselves.

All assuming that there isn't still a software fault causing this little problem, of course.

Anyone else suffering from such a problem? (no point in phoning TomTom support at the moment as they appear, rather unsurprisingly, to be swamped with callers who cannot get a GPS signal and/or 3G signal.

I know TomTom have been a bit unlucky here but on the back of having to phone TomTom support about 1 in 3 times I do some sort of upgrade anyway, it doesn't look good for them.

Can anyone offer me some good news?
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Did you try a drum reset on the unit by holding the power button about 10 seconds till you hear the drum sound?
Did you try a drum reset on the unit by holding the power button about 10 seconds till you hear the drum sound?
Yes, I've done that several times now. It makes no difference. (Actually, I've done that several times in the past week for obvious reasons).
Thanks for the replies dhn, do you know if TomTom are ever any good at offering 'goodwill' repairs on unsatisfactory goods when slightly out of warranty.

Being just two months into a new one year's live contract, and only half way through a year of map updates, just purchasing a new unit would be extremely cost ineffective for me (and despite my musing on the benefits of the Sale of Goods Act above, the retailer would probably push the "no - go to TomTom" line right up to the issue of small claims court proceedings - can I really be bothered?).

Somewhat disappointed at the moment. Such a shame because when it works, the 1005 is a fantastic piece of kit. The live traffic information is amazingly accurate and, to be honest, I'd be at a total loss without it (and why does one always find oneself in a horrendous traffic jam when there's a 3G outage?).

Edited to add: I have the options ticked to "switch on when connected to power" and "device stays on when externaly power is lost", but because it just cuts off instantly when power is lost, I'm now having to drum-reboot it each time I want to start it up. I guess I could switch it off before disconnecting the power but I liked the option to have it automatically power down when disconnected (i.e. without the "device stays on" box ticked) and really miss that functionality. I'm in the habit of switching the power off on the dashboard mounted extra cigarette lighter socket.

Yes, it does seem like a hardware problem, but it's surprising that it manifested itself only when these other problems started appearing last week.
I don't think it is a hardware problem because I got the exact same problem since I did the update. I did not notice it was because of a low battery, but you good be right about that.
I called TomTom about it and they said I should do a factory reset and update again. They told me the only way to keep my Favorites is to key them in as POI's. That sucks. Doies somebody has a better idea how to save those?
On the GO 1005, you can save your favorites by going to the Add Community Content screen and copying the favorites.ov2 file to your comptuer.

After reset, just upload the same ov2 file, overwriting what's there, and your favorites will be restored.
I don't think it is a hardware problem because I got the exact same problem since I did the update. I did not notice it was because of a low battery, but you good be right about that.

I'll add to that, I have the same issue and I don't think it is ahardware fault either!
I don't think it is a hardware problem because I got the exact same problem since I did the update. I did not notice it was because of a low battery, but you good be right about that.

I'll add to that, I have the same issue and I don't think it is ahardware fault either!

I have mentioned it to TomTom that multiple people are having this problem, but they don't acknowledge it. I hope the factory reset will work.
Ok, doing a factory reset is useless because it keeps you in the same software version and the problem is still there. Anyone have any ideas?
No luck!

Thanks to the mods for their input and especially the advice on how to back-up and restore my favourites easily. Invaluable in allowing me to have a go at the factory reset.

Alas, as Diversify notes, it doesn't make any significant difference.

I have noticed that, when switched off, the on button glows red (= charging) when plugged in to a computer/car socket for only a couple of seconds before turning green (= fully charged). But then, after switching it on, if you unplug it, it now starts the "turning off in 10, 9, 8, etc." countdown (which it wouldn't even get to before the factory reset) but just dies on the 9 count, presumably from a flat battery.

It's showing all the signs of a 5 year old battery that can no longer hold enough charge to operate properly. Battery status shows 95% after the red LED in the power on switch changes to green but it just won't power the unit on it's own after the USB lead is removed.

Aside from the fact that my personal belief is that, if governments around the world are serious about their green credentials and re-cyclling, they should legislate to force all manufacturers of products with re-chargable batteries to manufacture them so that the battery can be easily changed by the end user (manufacturers of shavers, phones, i-Pads/Pods/Phones are all guilty as well as all sat nav manufacturers - there will be a myriad of other examples), I cannot be alone in feeling that 14 months use out of a top of the range sat nav, which is still being sold as the top of the range sat nav after 16 months of sales (almost unheard of anyway) because the battery has failed is completely unacceptable.

Next stop TomTom support. Let's see what they've got to say...
I have had almost exactly the same problems with my unit, which started at 15 months old. 1st I kept losing live services, then the unit would go dead as soon as the engine was switched off, and then it became almost impossible to woprk in the car..but will work when connected to the computer! Tom Tom support were surprisingly useless (I had a good experiences previously). I mentioned Article 5 of the EU Product Warranty Directive (1999) & the UK Sale of Goods Act --this resulted in a escalation request to supervisors, and then lawyers. Eventually, two weeks later, they responded that the contract is with the seller and not the manufacturer and that I should contact them. I went to Amazon, who were worse than useless (again before I have had great experiences with Amazon customer service). They told me to go to Trading Standards and get them to contact Amazon (!). So I am left with a unit that will not operate live services, and cuts out as soon as power is removed. TomTom says that live services will not work if the battery is inoperative. I too refuse to pay £90 for repair a unit that should not have failed (15 months is ridiculous). So I am sitting looking at my internet sourced new battery (£8) and instructions for replacement…not as simple as a phone battery. Any advice?
Internet battery? Me too!

Despite my fighting talk, I too succumbed to buying a battery on the Internet and fitting it myself. I wish I'd had the link to the pictorial "how to do it" that Andy_P has kindly posted though.

But I managed it without any instructions and my Go Live 1005 now works perfectly once again. :)

I didn't even bother with TomTom support - I guess I just knew what they would say. Neither did I get involved with Halfords for a "sale of goods act" replacement. They'd likely take it all the way to the small claims court and, to be honest, life is just too short. Besides, I'd be without my satnav for God knows how long whist the issue was ongoing.

Far better to fork out £11 for a battery and another £11 for the correct torx screwdriver kit at Maplins and a further £3.50 for some craft glue to stick the aluminium backing plate back on with. All over in one day and I now have a satnav that'll probably last a while so I can move on.

Not that that makes it right that TomTom are selling top of the range units in which the batteries are not really user replaceable and which fail within 14 months. With hindsight, the battery was showing signs of being on the way out way before the warranty expired; it was just an unlucky co-incidence that the actual failure coincided with the clock/chip issue and the fire at the Vodaphone centre. Those were more than just a small red herring to my underlying issue. It's also a bit of a disgrace that the unit requires some battery power to make the sim card (and thus, the live services) work. You'd think that everything should be fine when it's plugged into the charger or computer at least. I'd have chased TomTom up for a battery whilst it was still in warranty if I'd had the slightest idea that that might have happened. I just figured that, as I only use it in the car, it would be OK with a knackered battery.

Finally, in addition to the pictures and text on the link above about how to get the 1005 apart, it's worth knowing that if you carefully prise the aluminium cover off the back of the unit (to be honest, mine just came off on its own as I was trying to prise the halves apart), there are three little slots that you can insert a tiny bladed screwdriver into to help release the two halves of the case. Might save a bit of anxious prising open - I didn't use the slots as I didn't realise what they were until I'd got the thing open and could see fresh air through them, they looked different from the outside and had a bit of glue from the aluminium trim obscuring them. The aluminium trim went back on OK (after I'd finished replacing the battery) with some flexible, clear-setting craft glue.

All in all, I have a good feeling that I've beaten the system. But most of all, I'm just bloody pleased to have my Go Live 1005 working properly again.

I did take a load of pictures with a view to posting them myself, but now that there's a link to a "how to do it" I guess it's just not necessary. But it's worth knowing where the internal 'clips' between the halves of the case are... so here goes!..

All the 'lugs' that stick out are on the screen side and all the 'catches' are on the back side of the unit. That knowledge makes it easier to prise effectively.

Looking from the front (as if you're using the unit in your car), the three slots I mentioned above are on the right hand side, under the aluminium trim on the back. They are equally spaced with the outer ones about 12-15mm in from the top/bottom and the middle one halfway between them.

The bottom of the unit, in additiion to the two torx screws just has two lugs/catches, one near each end about 8-12mm in from the corner.

The top of the unit has four lugs/catches. One just inboard from the top right corner (about 10mm in) and one just inboard of the on/off switch (which stops it being right in the corner 10mm in from the corner like the top right hand one otherwise they would all be equidistant) and two inner ones that are equally spaced from the outer two if you imagine that the one inboard of the switch wasn't displaced inwards about 10mm by the switch. Imagine this is the top of the unit viewed from the front:


(The exclamation mark represents the far r/h edge of the unit when viewed from the front as if you were using it - hope that makes sense!)

Finally, the left hand side has three lugs/catches spaced the same as the ones with the push through slots on the right. Except they don't have push through slots and you just have to prise them apart like all the others. The top one is immediately below the switch and the bottom one the same distance in with the middle one equidistant between them (i.e right in the middle of that side). I think that coveres it.

Good luck to all and let's hope that TomTom start using a better battery supplier. If they were at all environmentally conscious, they'd make the battery easily user-replaceable. Wouldn't be difficult - all mobile phone manufacturers manage it (with the notable exception of Apple, of course).

Thanks again to all the mods who contributed (and to all the other posters).
Thanks for the extra instructions, it all helps!
Gonna add your notes to that 'How to' topic.... :thumb:

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