XL Live European Map Update Subscription Refunded

Aug 4, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
Hi all,

just to say it is possible! :p

I have a One XL European Live.

The new Updated maps do not allow me to navigate from the UK to Austria. I'm sure there are other routes which I could not make but this is the one I'm taking in August. I therefore did not update and requested a refund.

After much digging of heals it seemed a legal small claims court action effected a response, and denial anything was wrong.

They stated the only alternative was not to offer updates for users of limited fixed memory units.

What about simpler maps or more Zonal maps???

So if you are in the same boat take heart it can be done.

What about the poor souls getting their new units only to find when the use the Map Guarantee that they cannot fully navigate Europe, unless you have a pc and internet at the boarders!!!! :eek:

I don't agree that there isn't a suitable map the covers all of Europe, its just TomTom seem to be ignoring the fact that what they supply with the iPhone app is indeed whats needed for the European units with limited memory.
1,54GB in size, IQ Routes, Reality view and Lane Assist - OK its no use for those units with only 1GB storage but it would avoid the silly situation of having to load zonal maps part way through a trip - Well done on getting an outcome on this issue though as most users would simply have given up - Mike
Guess what? :confused:
The latest response is that they cannot simplify the maps as they would have to miss off the new roads! :eek:

What about the extra detail being removed instead.

I had no idea that they already had a reduced one for the I Phone. They seem to try to use one solution for everything.

The issuing of maps for my device was delayed, I'm assuming because they found it would not fit and had to be broken up!:

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