Go live 1005 or Go camper.

May 5, 2019
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TomTom Model(s)
GO live 1005 camper and caravan.
I am a very fortunate person, I have been through the problems of the time reset
Complete loss of function replaced after many fallouts, and chucking it in draw.
I have for a year or two now kept taking it out of the draw. Reseting to factory swearing ,got it working fully.One big problem the regular struggle to update and " very busy try again later." Sick of it
Go camper just updates .
The feeling is that TT. Would like everybody to buy a wireless TT well i have one its good but not as good as old one as better,because can get Proper POI. Cannot on Go camper.
... but not as good as old one as better,because can get Proper POI. Cannot on Go camper.
You can load the same custom POI to your newer unit, just in a new way, as you did with your GO Camper. If you need an explanation, please let us know.
I do not require help to put a Triangle /square/or another silly shape on my go camper, I and many others prefer the proper logos shown on the map as we g along.
Befor you say anything to put me down TT.
can put CM club plus others they wish to promote with proper logo ,so for there customers they should stick to all logos.
Now if you are going to show how to down load properly I'm listening not silly guess whats here stupidity.
Please try not to talk down to me as I do no think you are good enough.
Also please tell Arno."who's a cleaver boy" sarcasm does not help.and lucky USA.
You originally only said "because can get Proper POI". Perhaps I am not understanding what you wanted. You're country flag is OK, but your English is a little difficult to understand.
If I understand correctly now, it isn't a problem of POI, it is of POI icon?
Hello I will try very hard to explain my problem.
I cannot remember the correct words for poi logos on maps .but on all my previous TTs.i have been able to see as I drive along
Possible stop-off and off what type.I.E. see the logos on the map as I am going.
But now all I get to see are the logos TT want me to see, then stupid geometric shapes for many others.
I do hope you now understand it is the onscreen,on map logo I wish to down load
I think they are called ov2 files.that tomtom nolonger allow.
I also hope my 73 year old English is now good enough for you to understand .I've been learning it for a long time.
TomTom need to give to customers what customers want.Your own people told me it is not a difficult thing for TomTom to do just a small file.
So please I am sorry your grasp of my language is difficult I have re read what I have said my failure was not to know POI.OV2.and any other short cut you may have.
Please allow the use of proper logos ie place/company.pictures ie logos on the map screen i see as I am driving along
Thank you. Pesan.
Sorry just found another one Bmp.file.
Thanks Pesan.
TomTomForums is a peer-to-peer list where users try to help each other.
Except for being users, we have no connection with the company TomTom.

If you want the company to make changes you will have to address them and not us.

With the newer devices TomTom originally did now allow any personal Point Of Interest lists.
Today the POI's are still contained in .ov2 files but the former custom .bmp icons are not possible any longer.
We are just grateful that we can make use of the 5 geometrical shape they have allowed us.
I have about 13 POI categories in my Favourites and do not remember which ones I used for what. I always have to look at Menu >> Settings >> Appearance >> Show POI list on map, for what I used for which category.

That's the way it is and that is what we have to live with after years of complaining.
If you can convince the company to allow us to make our own icons again you will make everyone in this list very happy.
He's got a Nav3 device, not Nav4, so there is more that he should be able to do with that, including custom *.bmp files to go with the *.ov2 files.
My keyboard time is going to be very limited on and off here, so if you can steer him through sending the files to a Nav3, that would be appreciated.
Nav4 forces geometric icons. Nav3, a bit after launch - sadly - allowed for *.ov2 files with *.bmp files for icons. Still using an old Nav3 Sarnen unit (Via 1605?) in wife's vehicle that has them.
I still have 13 categories with my own icons on my Miramar GO 1535 and the device works perfectly.
I am not using it any longer since the rogue QuickGPSFix 3 years ago that would not install, could not be removed by TomTom staff and does not permit anything else, new maps, traffic, to be loaded.
I think the OP needs to know how to get his custom icons and POI loaded. His Camper model should have no issues with that using MyDrive.
Here are instructions by you from March 2013:

To reiterate setup for seeing POI in nav and map screens...

Press main nav screen
*Settings* / *R arrow* / *R arrow* / *Show POI on map*
select POI you want displayed
select for either or both views (I always select both)

Press main nav screen
*View map*
Deselect *Traffic information* if selected (remember, this only impacts map view, not nav view)
Select *Points of Interest (POIs)*
Do as you will with *Favorites
*You can also picked the specific POIs to display here with *Choose POIs*. Go ahead and verify.

Now *View Map* and see what you have. The POI categories you have selected should appear on the map view and you should be able to select them, see the name, and with the blue arrow to the right of the name, navigate to them (among other things).

Until pesan tells us item for item which steps he has taken and at which point he stambles we cannot help any further.
I have an old tomtom cannot find at moment also have a Go live 1005 camping and caravan that can use ov2 and download bmp
I now have a Go camper.which I purchased on advice from TT because it went up the wall when the clock went back because of a download that effected many
But of course was nobodies fault???.
T T. Have offered to buy back my unit but
I have nothing but trouble trying to download
Updates from TT. I have 3 types of computer 2 laptops one desk tried all ways
But Allah time very busy try later. For hours.
Any way I and many others prefer Bmp
files rather than the silly shapes because I for one cannot remember who is where,
When you driving a motorhome in France and do not know the area its good to see proper logos. Also when you go for a drive around in UK. Its good to see camp sites buy logos not just the ones TT.wish to promote
So when you have finished your wafle I am not stupid infact the opposite but I have problems I one place thats letters also lousy memory.
When all you people and TT tech think up the excuses for actions.Then please talk to ordinary mortals first think of you customers
Not pure tech and Not sponsors.
But all the people who trust you products
No good trusting you.to care for plain me!
Just for info it has taken me a very long time working on my 1005 go live camping to work
And it does really well but as said updating downloads is murder, and costs a fortune, That is why I said TT are pushing everybody to the New units.like mine the.
New Go camper wireless and all. All but stupid shapes I never remember what they are .unlike Bmp's .
@canderson , looks as if my advice was right in the first place.

Screen Shot 11-06-20 at 07.46 PM.JPG

Weather you like it or not, those 5 icons are all you get for your custom POI list.

As a work around, put those icons on a sticky note (right, vertically) and write next to them what category they represent and attach it to the dash board.
You could now use the triangle for your campgrounds.
To avoid confusion turn off all the built in POIs and HIDE all of your other personal POIs.
Now, only campgrounds will show on the map.
Arno .... again (see Post #10).
Those are the instructions for a NAV4 device.
A GO 1005 is a Nav3 device.
Nav3 allows for custom POI *.ov2 files and custom POI icons (in *.bmp format) and far more than 5 can be displayed at once, though too many will slow a unit down a bit.
The OP needs instructions for MyDrive and Manage Community Content VVVV

Comm Content.jpg
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