Replacing a Go 940 live

Jul 1, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
GO 940
The battery wont hold a charge and its got old maps what would be a good replacement?
GREAT old unit you have there.
Can you tell us more about which features are the most important to you?
I’ve probably not used it to its full potential, so I only use the route planning and the itinerary planning, plus I like the way you can customize it.
Customization has been curtailed to a large degree on all newer models. No more custom 'chevron', no custom splash screen, etc. You can still add a few things, though.
When you say 'route planning', do you mean just point to point, or multiple stops? How many stops in your itineraries, and are you preparing those off-line or on the device?
Sometimes just point to point, but then if I want to avoid motorways I use the itineraries with 2 or 3 stops for the A roads.
I am preparing these on the device.
That kind of planning is available on all current units, so you won't be missing anything there.
Last question - should have thought of this sooner - was your 940 a "Live" version? Did it make its own connection back to TomTom for traffic? How have you been making that connection?
Oooo... would have been nice, and even nicer now. Let's go with the less expensive option, though, that allows you to use your phone to transmit the traffic data to your device. There's a version in Europe that has it's own built-in cellular capability, but that raises the price quite a bit.

Have a look at this list >> and in particular, the GO Essential. The mount on that is vastly superior to that of the GO Basic.

Available from many other sources at various prices. You will see both a 5" and 6" screen version, either of which will be a boost over your 940 in that regard. Warning: Once you get accustomed to 6", it's hard to go back!
I don't know that model but from the web page it looks like a NAV3.

If it is a NAV4 device it will be 4" x 6.5".
That is definitely a Nav4, Arno. No Nav3's left on that page! It also has the nice "Prato" mount.
The 6" is 162mm (~6-3/8") W x 105mm (~4-1/8") H. I don't have a 5" unit of that style handy to measure.
You can score the 5" version on Amazon in the UK for £145.98. 6" goes for £168.00 on Amazon... quite a bit less than the listed MSRP prices on TomTom's site.
I think the 6" is going to be too big for where I have it mounted, but it has a better screen so its a tough choice.
Either will be a surprising improvement over the 940 screen, but if you can swing the 6", I think you'll really love it. Another feature of these units is that you can increase the size of buttons/fonts/etc so that if your eyesight isn't exactly 20/20 these days, you can use that 6" to increase the size of things a bit without losing a lot of content.
There is a new sealed 6" on ebay for £140 plus post, same price as a 5" on Amazon.
Bought the new 6" on Ebay, got it for £131.50 inc p&p with a voucher code.
Thanks again for all your help.
I think you're really going to enjoy the screen, but it will take a little while to get used to the new user interface. It is now 2 generations away from the one used on the 940. If you have any questions about using it vs. the 940, feel free to drop back by and ask.

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