Replacing my TT Go 730

Oct 25, 2008
Cameron Ontario
TomTom Model(s)
Go 730
My TT Go 730 is starting to show its age. I am interested in buying a newer TT model but everytime I'm set to pull the trigger the models I'm looking at have terrible reviews, especially concerning the lifetime map updates. I am fed up with my Garmin 1390 that won't recognize any SD Micro chip so I can't load a full NA map.
Any advice will be most appreciated. Thanks.
Any particular features you would like?
The GO1000 & GO1005 are my favorites at the moment.
Pretty much all newer models come with lifetime maps but many 'complainers' are those that did not register the activation code, which is required, However, the 2535 World model can have lifetime map updates for the North america map but NOT the Europe map. Just so you know.

That said, ALL Nav 3 devices require a web based MyTomTom and not Home 2 which you are used to on your 730.

Further, many choices you have on the 730 just aren't available on the newer devices: true Itinerary Planning; a poi search further than 50 mi/80 km from your location; access to the file system by the user, etc.

But most have a slot for a micro sdhc card up to 32 gb in size. So not only will you be able to have a full USA_Canada (and maybe Mexico) map but you can add others.

Take a look here:

and come back here if you have questions about any devices that might catch your eye.

Finally, what do you mean by 'showing its age'? There are many many users worldwide that keep using their older devices just to not have to give up functionality by getting a newer device.
Many thanks for your advice. When I said "showing its age" I have to do a lot of resets and it can't hold a charge for very long. Also, the new map purchases can certainly add .
A store has the 5' TT 1505 for $100. The reviews were quite mixed.
I am not 100% sure that model does have a sd card slot. And I presume it is a refurbished. Does it come with lifetime maps?
And does it even come with a map covering Canada??!!

(I'd look for a different model, to be honest).
My favorite in the North American lineup at the moment is a Live unit, and assumes you will benefit from the subscription: GO 1535.

WalMart has refurb'd units down here for just under $100:

New on Amazon from $165:

A lot of the complaints on these units will have dated back a ways to earlier firmware, or be related to some difficulty getting the initial map subscription set up that required a call to tech support to start up (after which, there's nothing to do .. just keep updating them quarterly).

My favorite non-Live unit is the Via 1605. HUGE screen (6") and higher resolution than all the others. Currently on Amazon for $169. Not sure about refurbs.
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We're still seeing new ones on Amazon for $135. Not worth it compared to a couple of the other models.
Most ... not all. As long as the unit has at least 4GB of internal storage, any map set sold will fit. It's only if one needs to hold large map sets concurrently that the uSD card becomes important.
I'm in a similar position except my Go 930T has died altogether, had a guy look at it & it seems like a problem on the mainboard. Find it confusing as so many available, do any of them still the free RDS traffic, not interested in paying for a subscription service that I won't use a great deal. My 930 did all I wanted, bit slow at times but worked well enough. Looking her in the UK the GO live 820 with lifetime map updates seems a good price at around £120 - £140 but that doesn't seem to have the traffic updates.
Don't think the antenna from the 930 will work on a 820. 930 uses a mini usb plug and I think the 820 uses a micro plug. Not positive though.

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