Replacing TT 940 Touch screen

Aug 21, 2010
I have had a slight accident with my TT 940 and cracked the touch screen digitiser. The LCD screen is still working ok. I have managed to source a new touch screen from Hong kong for about ?30 including postage on ebay. Has anybody else gone done this route and can they give me instructions how to rtemove the screen and what soldering needs to be done.

Any help welcome including a better solution if you know one.
Welcome to TTF.

Our UK based Mikealder is an expert at taking things apart (and putting most of them back to gether :) )

If anyone has an answer, it would be he.

So, check back in a day or so and see if he responds.....

(It's getting late where you are, right now..... ;) )
Have a read of This Thread which will show you how to remove the screen, I have never gone any further than the battery though with an x40/ x50 - Mike
Thanks for all the comments they are helpfull. What I am still looking for is someone who has done the soldering bit. I have requested this from the touch panel suppliuer but I would still like a step by step approach for this repair if there is anybody out there who has done it.

Regards to all
I'm unclear as to whether you purchased the entire LCD with touchscreen or just half of the assembly. If it's the whole thing, there should be no soldering involved. The assembly connects to the main board with a flex cable and connector.
I have gone ahead and ordered the touch panel. It cost a total of ?32 incluyding postage. I will go ahead and do the job and report back here how it went. I think there may only be 4 wires to solder and if the front screen can be seperated by a conector it should not be to difficult. The touch panel being supplied is not original but a Mitac. I guess all 4.3" toch panels work the same. Wish me luck. Any further help or advice always welcome
Wish me luck. Any further help or advice always welcome
OK - fingers crossed here.

One thing that you might encounter is a requirement for calibration - matching the touch position to what the unit displays on the LCD. If you have any issues with that when things are assembled, speak up and we'll make some suggestions on the creation of a file called cal.txt that tweaks the sensed position a bit. It's evidently a trial and error sort of thing, but do-able.
That is an angle I had not considered. I will try it first and do what you have suggested. I reckon it will be at least 10 days before I get it coming from hong kong unless the send it airmail.

Thanks for your help
Ok screen digitiser has arrived and I have managed to get the LDC/digitiser out of unit. It would appear that the digitiser is bonded round the edge to the LCD. I reckon I can remove the broken digitiser using a scalpel/raz\or blade.

Does anyboby know what glue I need to use to bond the new screen to the LCD panel?

To all the other people out there that may want to try this I will be updating this thread with a step by step guide at the end.
Unfotunately things have gone from bad to worse. Decided to send the unit off to ""] to let them fix it.


It appears this company is a scam and now will not contact me or send the unit back despite phonecalls, emails and recorded delivery letters. I am currently in the process of taking legal action against them,

The message is


This is a scam setup and you will not get your device back
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Bummer. Well, that's reinforcement that it's not a good idea to deal with an outfit whose web page includes absolutely no valid contact info (address, phone, whatever). A quick google doesn't seem to indicate anything amiss, but who knows.

However, you might have some fun with this. Do let us know in this thread how you make out. It's hard enough to find a shop anywhere that will repair these things...


Sergei Senin
Domain Contact (171666) ([email protected])
9 View Crescent, Tivoli Road
London,N8 8RW
Tel. +44.2083415122
Request for a screen assembly guide

Schofip. By any chance do you have a screen disassembly diagram or somethig similar?
My TT940 touch screen is playing up.
Before you take it to bits try running the corner of a business card around the edge of the screen, force the corner of the card between the screen and the bezel then run around the edge to dig out any debris thats fallen in to the gap - Mike
Thank you for that tip. Worth a try. Sadly there does not appear to be dirt lodged between the screen and the housing.

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