XL 350 - Not enough free space on device

Aug 9, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
XL 350 TM
I have been trying to update our TomTom for awhile. There is not enough space so I researched the error online. Everything I found recommended that I remove the voices not in use but that doesn't seem to be doing the trick. What am I missing? Please help. We are going on vacation soon and I need to have this updated. Error info below:

ERROR: DesktopLib/Generic/NotEnoughSpace: There is not enough free space on your device. ( -7.1 Gb)
@ .\framework\InstallToDeviceThread.cpp(2082)
Size available 1.7 Gb Size needed 8.8 Gb installable item metadata <HOME2 version="2.9">
<map idurl="http://id.tomtom.com/map/usa_canada_and_mexico_p/high-level-u-no-asr" idstr="USA_Canada_and_Mexico_P" idnum="1404126" version="890">
<title lang="en_US" mimetype="text/plain">USA, Canada &amp; Mexico</title>
<description lang="en_US" mimetype="text/plain">- Detailed coverage: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico
- Partial coverage: Mexico (75%)
- Connecting roads: Includes connected network of major roads that allows you seamless navigation throughout the entire region.
- Coverage information: Includes 43% street network in Mexico, with detailed coverage of 66 cities including Mexico City and Guadalajara
- IQ Routes™ speed profiles give you the fastest route any time of day.
- Roads covered: over 12.3 million km / over 7.7 million miles
- Points of Interest (POI's): 7.8 million Points of Interest
- Delivery information: Our TomTom software will ensure the map will successfully be downloaded to your device.
- Map data provider: TomTom</description>
<image mimetype="image/gif" usage="icon" url="https://www.tomtom.com/global/images/USA_Canada_and_Mexico.gif"/>
<image mimetype="image/gif" usage="preview" url="https://www.tomtom.com/global/static/images/maps_160px/USA_Canada_and_Mexico.gif"/>
<url location="http://community.tomtom.com/content...8.90&amp;muid=GK5490G05998&amp;encryption=drm" content="activation" size="200"/>
<url location="http://download.tomtom.com/890/high...aiWj1/wLsWxw qwRZA62Sm9Ibi5aWbNLF7qceyl3fMKs=" content="main" size="1610664207"/>
<targetdevice models="xl2009_live_us_2048 gi_2048 Anqing_nonconnected_2048 Chelsea4_nonconnected_2048 xxl2009_plus_2048_black one2009_plus_2048_pearl xxl2009_2048_tts_grey xl2009_live_eu_2048_tts xxl2010_plus_4096_tts_black xl2009_plus_2048_tts xl2009_plus_2048 one2009_plus_us_2048 xl2009_live_eu_2048 rider3 xl2009_live_us_2048_tts one2009_plus_2048 xxl2009_plus_2048_tts_black Chelsea5_nonconnected_2048 gl_2048_tts one2009_plus_2048_pearl_tts one2009_plus_2048_tts gk_2048_tts gj_2048_tts"/>
<contentprotection devicecode="AK3HEDAN96" scheme="durham">
<durhamkey needskey="false"/>
<supplier id="tomtom" sharing="false">
<image mimetype="image/png" usage="icon" url="http://home.tomtom.com/media/suppliers/tomtom_supplier_icon.png"/>
<rect>-17679474 7439937 -4985187 1400000</rect>
in .\framework\InstallToDeviceThread.cpp:2082
0. chrome://tthome/content/ui/bindings/commit.js:81
1. chrome://tthome/content/ui/bindings/ttwizard.xml:1060
this._commitFailed(i, commitPage);
2. chrome://tthome/content/logic/util.js:79
return func.apply(obj, arguments);
3. chrome://tthome/content/logic/dllUtils.js:76
4. chrome://tthome/content/logic/dllUtils.js:68
Time: Wed, 08 Aug 2012 23:22:51 GMT
Wait a sec. I see "Size available 1.7 Gb Size needed 8.8 Gb" there in your error messages. What the heck are you updating? Map? Maps? Device application? Both? That's enough space for several full North American maps!

Looks like you were trying to just pick up map #890 for North America. I'm headed out of town, but the other mods here can likely talk you through the process of moving and deleting the map you downloaded so that you can download it again. The meta file must be badly mistaken about your map size.
I ended up calling CS and they had me delete the map off of the device, off of the computer, and then making sure there wasn't a US map folder on the device after doing so. Right now I am in the process of downloading the map update so we will see. Thanks for the input. I am not overly familiar with the updating process. in the past I have never had to delete anything...

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