Which model - 5" screen with lifetime traffic/map updates

Jan 10, 2011
TomTom Model(s)
XXL530S, GO 2535TM
OK, there are numerous models with many features and pros & cons. What I'm looking for is a 5" screen with lifetime traffic/map updates included. I was thinking of the 1505 but seems as though it's had more than its share of problems. I don't need or want bluetooth but would like to maintain, at a minimum, the features I presently have on my XXL530S plus the aforementioned lifetime updates. Any suggestions out there?

One big difference between your 530S and some of the recent models is the mount. Your EasyPort is a lot more user friendly than the ones used on the Via and GO models in the 15XX numbers. The suction device stays WITH those, so if you take your unit in and out a lot, you'll miss the EasyPort. OTOH, the GO25XX models use a simple magnetic mounting that is easy to pull off and return to position.

Your 530S uses a resistive screen. If you are accustomed to poking at it with anything but your finger, you will quickly discover that while the 25XX has a much brighter display, your finger is required on these capacitive screen devices.

Any of the new models use a different connector for power than your 530S.

NONE of the newer models handles more than 3 or 4 waypoints/itinerary points. If you needed that feature, hang onto that 530.

You'll lose your compass page on any of the newer models.

There are lots of differences. It would help to know what features you depend upon now and what might be of interest. For example, a Live version provides Google search, fuel prices, weather and other stuff.

If you can live with the mount, the GO1535 Live is pretty nice. If you need the easier-to-use mount, the 25XX models are the way to go. If you've always wanted automatic on/off operation, the 2535 has that now.
I have the GO 2505 with lifetime maps and traffic , The voice address input have been vastly improved over my last model GO 730 ,The glass touch is more responsive and the mount is the best in the industry (finally) I have nothing negative say, all phones I have tried work with Bluetooth.....I have tried other GPS companies this one is the only one that has my new subdivision in it, so its up to date here in CANADA.
Thanks for the replies folks. I do not need blue tooth, all I need is what the XXL530S provides PLUS lifetime ,maps/traffic. No problem with type of touchscreen and I can live with the mounting. I could just buy the map updates but would like the traffic also and with the sale prices floating around now, it's not really cost effective to pay $79.95 for maps for a year (or has that come down too?) Anyway, still looking at the 1505TM that Sears is running at $129.99. IF its difficulties have been resolved.

Thanks again,

... ed ...
Just remember that whatever M model you purchase REQUIRES you to add the activation code for lifetime maps when you register the unit using MyTomTom web page (if you are getting a 15X model). The T (traffic) needs no activation as the combo rds-tmc antenna/car charger works forever without activation.
Thanks for the replies folks. I do not need blue tooth...
All of the recently issued models have this feature, so whether or not you need it, it's going to come along for the ride. Unless you can still find an XXL540M or TM (not a bad choice, by the way), you'll be finding that feature.
Finally decided to get the GO2535TM. Brought it home this afternoon, plugged into my computer to register, get maps, etc. and the fun began. I have had "My Account" with TomTom for some time with my previous units. Today it decided that I had the XXL530S and that was that. No option to add/delete units. OK .. Tried setting up another account - uh-uh. That email's already in use. OK. Tried to connect the unit - "Nothing connected" - huh? Then it said "Can't connect at this time - try later." But I noticed that in the upper right of the computer screen it now listed the 2535. So, after about an hour of this , in desperation, I called TomTom support. Wrong. I could barely understand the "technician" (read screen puller downer) and finally it was so bad that entire sentences were unintelligible. Finally said goodbye and hung up. I'm sort of at a loss here. I've got the unit, it powers up with no problem, accepts my home data, but will not apparently communicate with the computer, at least not enough to let me in with it And the computer and USB connection is fine. Any suggestions - other than calling them back and hoping to get a tech that has at least a rudimentary command of English?
Two things. You need to set up another email, even if it's a 'dummy' one, that is unique from your previous email address. You do NOT want to try to use one already assigned to a previous unit.

Second, you do not use Home to communicate with that device as you did with your 530. The new trick is called MyTomTom. You can get the latest version of it here: https://www.tomtom.com/en_us/mytomtom/getstarted/

Also, do NOT expect your 2535 to show up as another disk drive in My Computer. It won't. The 2535 is a mini-server talking TCP across that USB cable. It no longer appears as an external storage device to your PC.
Thanks very much for the info - will try it with another email. Still wonder why it said it couldn't connect after it obviously had but perhaps the new address will work its magic! :) Thanks again.
OK, set up a new account and actual;ly got to the point where I entered my map activation code. But then it said "Internal Server Error - please try later." Wondering if this is true or if something's still amiss....
Probably not. Sounds like only a connection error back to their server. See what happens on Monday, latest. If no joy Monday morning your time, let us know and we'll talk again.
OK - thanks - just tried again (Sunday morning) still the same - will try tomorrow morning and see what happens. At least with the new yahoo email address I have no problem getting to MY TOMTOM and the request for activation code. :)

... ed ...
Now Monday noon - 12:05PM EST - Still the same "INTERNAL SERVER ERROR - PLEASE TRY LATER." when I enter my activation code. Also, it says it's a "GO 1005" but lists the correct serial number ... ? This has gone a tad beyond frustrating. Any suggestions?
... ed ...
Sounds like time to call CS. 1 866 486 6866 (available 8:30AM to 7:00PM EST Mon - Fri and 9:00AM to 5:00PM EST Saturdays)
Just got off the phone with CS - Monique. Very helpful - she activated the code from her end - assured me that all was ready to go. Will check it out this afternoon. As I understand it, whenever I connect to the computer MYTOMTOM will let me know if map updates are ready and as far as Traffic is concerned, when the unit is plugged in to the car, traffic info will be automatically provided. Hopefully I've got that right. :confused:
Thanks again for the assistance. Probably will be asking lots more stuff as I get used to this unit.

... ed ...

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