What software updates are expected on the 500/5000/600/6000?

Mar 3, 2012
Stotfold, Beds, England
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TomTom Model(s)
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I've been trawling through the forums and reading several threads and have seen folks mentioning that threre is a possibility of this and that being implimented and this and that is definatly being written as we speak for a future update.

Can anyone tell me (if it's not been done already) what updates we are definatly going to be seeing and what updates might be done?

Thank you for your assistance!


Some of us can tell you something but then we have to come and kill you and afterwards commit Seppuku.

NDA rears its ugly head.
As noted earlier -- and since TomTom was asking for additional beta volunteers for custom POI on their own site at one time, nobody needs to get shot -- you can bet they're working on that.

And there are always things in test that haven't made it to production yet.


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