Is there a Tom tom set of compatible software

Jan 21, 2017
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TomTom Model(s)
My new double din head unit, I am told by the supplier, will accept Tom tom that is compatible to Windows 6 OS.
So what software do I need please
Let me guess, made in China?
Does it run IGO 8 software natively?

We have had all kinds of claims made by Chinese head manufacturers regarding support of TomTom and TomTom maps over the years, and rarely do they pan out. At best, the last version would be an OLD (ca. 2007) 7.916 or 7.918 version of the TomTom CE app, and maps are no longer being supported for that application. A "new" head unit that is still expecting Win CE6 (which itself dates back to 2006) apps says all that needs to be said.

Sorry there's no longer support for it, but that's how it is.
Very helpful not.
Thanks a bunch. I am very happy with the head unit it except for the GPS it is brilliant and the company that supplied it A-Sure have been more than helpful.
The system in there at the moment is as you say iGO8.
Why is that bad?
I suppose thats the benefit of being a smart a***
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scrumpyjack, if you don't like the information you receive here, so be it. But do NOT do so by showing the sarcasm you showed in your post. That tone is not tolerated here.
It wasn't my intention to be sarcastic.
I appreciate that my knowledge of GPS Software is limited but Mr canderson's attitude was less than helpful.
OK so I didn't buy the most expensive head unit on the market because I could not afford it and when I asked the supplier if the unit was receptive to Tom tom the answer was to the positive with the information given that it was receptive to Windows 6 OS.
Now if that isn't acceptable to Mr c then sobeit but there was no need to show his superiority on all things GPS and Tom tom by making snide remarks on my decision to purchase a unit that is fitted with iGO 8.
So if thats his altitude then he can stay up there ;)
I asked for help not castigation!
Incidentally a friend on a SAAB site (my unit is fitted to my SAAB) who also has the same unit I have since found out fitted Tom tom software which works but wasn't impressed with as it only had a voice with an American accent. Sorry I am only saying what he said.
Sorry I can't be more helpful, but we've seen this problem over and over again. You've bought a unit made by a company that is using an outdated operating system, which in turn expects outdated apps that are no longer supported.

If you came looking for an app that is currently supported and that would run on Windows 3.1 machine, that wouldn't be too far off from what has happened here.
You asked a question about software for hardware you purchased.
canderson informed you that the software by TomTom has passed its life cycle.

I don't know anything about this but wonder if you SAAB connection cannot update exactly for the reasons canderson stated.

Since your seller advised that your purchase it TomTom compatible it maybe a good time to get in contact with him to make up on that promise or return the unit as "not fit for purpose".
Goodbye thanks for your help as it was.
Good luck with your new President you'll need it
Bon chance et courage
God save the Queen.

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