Need Digitizer Software Update

Apr 9, 2017
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My TomTom is unable to respond to addresses containing the letter A, Q, or Y. The digitizer for the keyboard is off center. Reminds me of the exact same problem I had with the Palm Pilot V, it took a digitizer program running on the device to straighten out the keyboard. Nevertheless, we are forever unable to use the letters A, Q and Y in a search because the keyboard will only settle on a S, W and X. Can someone please assist? Try finding a street beginning with the letter A?
Took me a while to find the old post on this topic -- hasn't come up for quite some time.

Look here at an old thread on screen calibration using an 'adjustment' file that you can create for yourself >>>
!. Tried the "hold power button until drum roll", but digitizer problems remain. When I push an A, the D button illuminates. This means the screen is over two digits to the right. Will try the adjustment file suggested.
I printed and followed the instructions on creating a calib.txt file. Have experimented by creating six new calib.txt files. Nothing seems to work. My system default calibration setting is 79 945 115 880. Following the instructions I interpreted the file structure needs to be input as 945 79 880 115. My first Calib.txt file was 905 79 880 115. 2nd calib.txt file was 880 79 880 115. Didn't move a thing. Then 945 49 880 115 and then 905 49 880 115, then 800 79 880 115 and lastly 700 49 880 115. When I touch an A, it interprets my tactile movement to be a D. An S it a D, a D is an F. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
What firmware version is presently running on your XL IQ Routes?
Beware, based upon your current firmware version, whether you will need cal.txt or calib.txt, and beware the inverted numbers that can be needed to make it work.
Beware of text editors that leave additional bytes as line terminators. Good old Windows Notepad is safe. Most aren't.
Beware that you don't have extensions turned off in your file list view, and that the file isn't actually being saved as calib.txt.txt
Canderson, thanks for your reply.
Firmware numbers are: Not sure which you need. Version 9.510.1234792.2, OS842337, 2039 4/4/13, GPS v1.20, boot 5.5277.
Using calib.txt. Verified with Windows Folder Options that only .txt is at the end of the filename. Using Notepad.
Just to reiterate: Original Default Calibration data is: 79 945 115 880. Newest calib.txt file is: 700 49 880 115. Selecting an A still gets you a D; a Q gets you an E. Whereas, pushing an L gets you an L, selecting a P gets you a P. Interestingly, pushing an O still gets you an O, but pushing an "I" gets you an O, pushing a K gets you a K, while pushing a J gets you a K.
Sounds like you're still shifted laterally just a bit, though I see you have quite a shift in the X already.
At worst, there are quite a number of sources of combo touchscreen/LCD units out there, and if you can't bring this one into spec, that's something to consider.

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