Voice control - Tomtom Via 125 live

Jul 8, 2011
In The manual for Tomtom 125 Via Live says on page 15 something about "voice control". I can not get it to work since I can not find to get a microphone on the screen or one of the menus. There appear on page 15: "Tap the microphone button in the Driving View to turn on the microphone." But I do not have the microphone on the right side of the screen. I peered under the settings and can not find it here.

Under "Make your own menu" I have ticked the "Voice"
Under Settings, do you see an icon called 'voice control'? If so, when you tap it, do you see an icon that says DISable voice control? (It should NOT say ENable voice control)
The section of "Settings" you need is "Make your own
menu" The checkbox for Voice control should be in there.

ALso do you have a "computer" voice (i.e. text to speech voice) selected?
You can only use voice control if you do.

And as the manual says "When there are no computer voices installed on your TomTom Via, this feature is not available."

Finally, once it's working, the Microphone button to switch voice control on is on the LEFT side of the screen.
Once you've tapped it, a semicircular "level meter" should appear in the top right of the screen.

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