Voice control does not work

Jul 18, 2015
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TomTom Model(s)
Via 135 M
I have just purchased my Via 135 M with voice control, but when I click the microphone to give an address with the voice control, I am told that VC does not work in this country - no matter which country I choose.
Try a drum reset on the unit by holding the power button about 20 seconds till you hear the drum sounds
Okay, try a factory reset. Will cause you to lose all custom settings but it may work. If not, guess you'll need to make a call to customer support:
35 25 65 14

10:00 til 17:00
No result :(
Another thing: Should it not charge when I connect to the usb on my laptop?
My laptop says it cannot recognize it, which it could earlier today.
Plan a trip by menu to a destination in your country, and in the process make sure you tap the country selection and chose your country.

Then set the spoken voice to a computer voice from your country.

The above usually fixes non-working voice control.
No matter what the hell I do, it does not work, and I do not understand why it did not work when I bought it.
And I cannot understand what computer voice or not has to do with it's abiltity to recognize my voice?
I agree, but I cannot see what the recognition has to do with computer or not computer voice
Only a computer voice, the one that will announce the street name after the next turn, will talk to you in voice control.
But now I don't have the problem anymore, for I cannot turn the crap on. If I just click the button shortly nothing happens, if I press it for some seconds, sometimes the opening screen with the street comes up - and disappears in 1/100 second. So that's it.
OK, let's take a step back.
Connect your device to the PC with the USB cable and while connected switch off the device.
Now start up MyDrive Connect which should display 'Not connected'.
Switch on the device and tell us what happens at MyDrive Connect on the PC.
When I connected, it told me that there are 3 new updates and I said yes to install them.
It downloaded 15-10 minutes and then nothing happend then, until it began to download again - and told me that it will last about an hour - and I am waiting for that now.

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