No Voice Control - TT 2535

Feb 22, 2008
TomTom Model(s)
2535 TM
Hi. I have a 2535 - about 9 months old. We were on a trip last week that involved a lot of driving and the TomTom can in very handy. BUT, about 3 days into the trip suddenly the voice control stopped working (it was working fine at the beginning). When I turn the unit on I now hear "Stopping voice control." Then if I want to to use voice control to navigate somewhere - i.e., navigate to an address or reduce volume - I get the message "Voice control cannot be used for the currently selected country."

I'm in the U.S. I'm using the most current U.S. map. It navigates fine otherwise, I just can't give it voice commands.

Any thoughts?



Try doing a drum reset by holding the power button about 15 seconds till you hear the drum sounds.


Worked, thank you! Forgot how to do that reset, although I'm glad I didn't do it while on our trip. It took awhile for the reset to take effect, and it made me connect to MyTomTom. Which, I have to say, is probably the most frustrating interface I've ever used!! Most of the time my device just doesn't connect. Or at least it doesn't seem like it connects.

But that's a different problem....

Thank you very much for the quick solution!

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