Via 1535TM won't properly read ov2's from

Sep 6, 2011
When I download and install ov2 files from my Via 1535TM lists them with the native POI files, but when I click on them it says "No poi's"...

I'm on a Mac if that matters....

Anyone know why these files aren't working on my 1535?

When I download ov2's from the forums here on it works fine... unfortunately many of the POI lists here that I've found are from years ago, not current at all....
If the 3rd party POI can be opened and re-saved with POIEdit, that might be a solution. POIEdit *.ov2 files seem to play properly with 10.X devices.

Get it here =>

I found a workaround...

For anyone who finds this thread via search, here's the deal:

The TomTom Via 1535TM won't successfully read POI lists downloaded from even when you download them in the indicated .ov2 format from the site.

But if you go to the converter linked below you can convert them. Just select "Tom Tom POI file(.ov2)" as the input AND the output, then upload the non-working ov2 list and convert it.

The ov2 file that the converter spits out DOES work with the 1535, yay!

GPS Visualizer: Web interface to GPSBabel

Happy days, now I'll always be able to find a campground, a coffee place and a walmart... everything else is just details :)
I've had some discussions with Tomtom developers on this issue.

There is a "bounding box" in the poi files that contain latitude/longitude of where the POIs are. For some reason many files on poi-factory have the latitude/longitude incorrectly swapped in this bounding box. The individual POIs themselves have the proper latitude/longitude.

App 9.x devices have unlimited custom POI search range, so they see the incorrect bounding box, don't care if the box says POIs are so far away, and search for the individual POIs.

App 10.x devices have a 25 mile search radius, so once they see that the poi-factory bounding box is (incorrectly) more than 25 miles away, they don't search the contents.

You are correct, that a converter that properly sets the bounding box will resolve the problem.

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