Via 120 Live

Jun 16, 2011
Why are we no tbeing told at the onset that the new Camera downloads and other voices are not working when we purchase what is supposed to be a new miodel.

Very disapointed that TomTom have taken the view to let the users only find out outstanding problems which should have been fixed prior to this unit being offered on the market.

Is this a Trading Standards problem to look at ???
Via120 Live

Yes I would agree that this site does show other things that are missing but anyone going into buy a Via 120 Live is not awareof such and most certainly are not being informed by TomTom agents.
I previously had a Go720 which updates itself every week with map alterations etc but since the 4 June I have had nothing from the tomtom site with the 120 and I amn ow beginning to regret what I thought was an upgrade.
Reading the forums I do not appear to be on my own

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