Unable to update TomTom Via 120 Live Europe on PC

Mar 13, 2011
I've struggled for the last day or so trying to get my TomTom Via 120 Europe to the latest software and map versions now that the latest map guarantee has been activated for my PN* device serial number.
I downloaded the 3GB+ update 3 times but the update would never start, the TomTom would turn it'self off and I had to start again. The status screen on the TomTom device never showed any update progress.
Decided to try it on my Mac instead, and this worked (after a 4th download of the software and map) straight away.
My laptop is a 4GB Windows 7 x64 machine, and my MAC is a Gen 1 MacBook Air.
Welcome to TTF

And thanks for that feedback. I'm getting a sense that there is an 'epidemic' of 120's winding up with 'no map found' after attempts at the map update using pc's.

Interesting (and glad) you accomplished the task using a Mac.
So, I take it there's no solution yet for the ones without a Macbook or something.. Anyone else heve these problems, cause I got 'em too.

Greetz, Patrick.
Are you already on app 10.111? Its more reliable for map downloads. Another thing to try is to tap the Tomtom sceeen every 20 minutes while downloading so it doesn't shut off.
Well, tapping on the screen every so often doesn't help in any way. The mytomtom app says it is doing something but it is my suspicion that it does not. However Karls post got me thinking.

He said that the update did work on his MacBook and he had the problems on W7 64bit. I also use w7 64 bit, but if it could be the operating system, why not try windows XP?
So I installed XP mode in W7 and installed the mytomtom app. After connecting my tomtom via 120 europe and enabling it in XP mode (through the command bar on top), it immediately began downloading the updates which was also visible in mytomtom app.

So now, with the software updated, I tried it on W7 again. It showed that there was a new map update and I tried to download it to the via 120. However, almost the same problem occurred. Now it showed that there was a download going on, but still after some time the device shuts down again. So I went back to XP mode and set it up again. Again it began downloading the new map and automatically opened the webbrowser to mytomtom. You have to leave the browser open and stay connected to the tomtom website or else it will break off the download leaving you with no maps at all. It took about 90 minutes and everything is working fine now.

I believe TomTom has still work to do to make everything work on windows 7, but for now stick to windows XP. That worked fine for me.

Windows XP mode is a free obtainable virtual machine for Windows 7. MS has built this so that you can still run older apps that do not work directly on windows 7. See this url.


Greetz, Patrick.
Thanks for the info.

I don't think anyone's gotten MyTomtom to work in W7 64-bit yet. So I'm glad that your link can serve as a workaround.

I personally stay on WinXP. It's lightning fast on my dualcore computer w/3gb of ram. Win7 isn't worth the cost of added hardware just to maintain my performance levels.
Via 120 fix (worked for me)

Hi all, just joined as I saw so many unhappy Via120 users. I too "bricked" my new shiny Via120. But from visiting umpteen websites I worked out that there might be a problem using Win7 for updating mapping etc.. I was lucky to have a spare HDD for my old netbook with WinXP on it so I switched from W7 to XP and after 6 hours of download and install I have successfully got my European map back again. My speed camera database seems to be ok too. In the process I contacted TT support but their advise was of no use. I too am less than happy with MyTomTom as it is clearly beta software. I don't see the point of cutting Via120 users off from TTHome as that have served me well for 6 years and no doubt many other TT users. Anyway there is a way out.:wave:
:welcome: to TTF.

Thanks for your information. May assist others with the same issues..........
WinXP in Win7 Virtual mode

aakkgg - (Patrcick), To above post. WinXP mode for Win7 Virtual PC will not work if you only got the Home Premium version. It's the Pro version as a minimum and that in the UK for an upgrade will set you back ?180. By the way there is no problem downloading maps under Win7 but the install goes badly wrong after a while. Anyway Patrick it was your hints that send me in what appear to be the correct direction. Thanks for that. Keld.
I had similar problem - click Download in My TomTom & nothing happens.

Following info in the forum,I ran My TomTom in administrator mode & bingo,it instantly started downloading completing after a couple of hours.

Now I am stuck waiting forthe Via 120 to be updated,it has been hours, any advice welcome.

Hours could mean that the download has actually completed but MyTomTom is sitting on its thumbs for no reason. Happens.

If things seem to be at a complete standstill at 100% for any reason:

In MyTomTom (systray icon) / Cache, do you have "Cache large content items..." selected? If so, we'll have you look to see what's in your cache. It MAY be necessary to disconnect and reconnect your device to get things moving again, but we don't want to do that if the transfer is still actually taking place.
Model 4EH44 software not uploading

Hi, i have what maybe a via 120 /160? when i go to getstarted on the tomtom site i download MyTomTom but it doesn't seem to run on my mac. It is difficult to delete as seems to be running invisibly, had to remove it from my startup items first and then delete it completly. Tried to install it again. but still wont show to be running, it just wont open. I am about to try the same download on an older G4 mac. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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