Unable to update my GO510/710.....

Sep 23, 2007
Jackson, NJ
TomTom Model(s)
GO510/710 + XXL530•S + XXL550•T
I recently bought an XXL TomTom so my original GO510/710 has been sitting in a box in the closet.

Decided to give the old reliable GO a charge and an update today but the newest version of HOME ( just can't handle the job. It lets me sign in and it recognizes the GO and HOME begins the update/s process and then freezes and quits......repeatedly. Can't get anywhere.

This is happening on both of my desktop MACs.....one being an older desktop (PowerPC) and a newer Intel version.

Is there an older version of HOME that can handle the update process for the older GO510/710? Since the newest version sure as s__t can't.

Thanks in advance for any help with this
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Did you establish a new email account for the new unit? (Doesn't even have to be a real email address, just in the proper format of (e-mail address removed))
Try downloading and installing TomTom Home 1,6 to your computer then see if that will recognise the device and update the device, once its swapped out a few files the device should be seen by Home 2 which will negate the need for Home 1,6 on the PC. - Mike
I found and downloaded TomTom HOME 1.5 for NAVIGATOR 6 for MAC OSX for but not 1.6.

I will give it a shot on my older desktop (a PowerPC) within a day or two.

Hopefully it will work.

I just want to update the GO510/710 since it has been awhile since it has been used. I've been using the XXL exclusively since I got it.
Following your link, dhn, I still get Home 1.5 but apparently that works on my older desktop Mac, a PowerPC for updating the old GO510/710.

It gave me some updates but nothing major and I'm hesitant about buying a new map for the GO. The last time I did update the map on the GO it was a tedious if not traumatic experience.

BTW, the car charger that came with the XXL crapped out. Had to go out and buy a replacement. No warning......it just stopped charging the unit....in the middle of a very long trip and the battery holds just enough of a charge to go maybe 2-3 hours MAX if you are lucky. What a P.I.T.A.!!!!
Contact support at 866-486-6866. The charger should be under warranty if less than a year old.
Car charger for the XXL.......

....dug out the receipt and it is less than one year old by quite a bit.

Bought the XXL530S Dec. 28, 2009.

Thanks for the info. I will call later today.

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