Unable to Update TomTom One

Mar 10, 2008
Hi to all,

I have had a TomTom ONE "new" Edition 4N00.004 for two years.
It worked fine with no issues at all. I figured it was time to update
it. Since the software that it came with was old, ( cd says Part 3N00.100)
I thought it best to download the latest version (2.2).

I installed it and ran and hooked up the TomTom to it. Initially it "connected"
with the Unit. It found updates to install and installed them. I then got to a
screen that said to disconnect the unit and then reconnect it. After disconnecting all I got was a graphic of the Memory card flying out of the
slot and a big red X flashing on it. From that point on I could not get the
TomTom to work. I did a factory reset and nothing.

Back when I got the TomTom I had done a back up via the original software that it came with. Somewhere else in this forum I found a procedure that called for the SD card to be formatted and then the Backup01 directory contents copied to the SD card. I did that and I was able to get the TomTom to work. I did lose my favs and I think I reverted to an older version.

It displays version 6.500 on the map right now.

I tried doing the update on another computer and no luck, same result, big flashing X and then I have to go thru the FlashCard reformat.


1. Can TomTom Home 2.2 be used to update TomTom New Edition?

2. What version should I be on on the TomTom. I have 6.500 what should it be?

3. If 2.2 should be working to update the TomTom then what might I be doing wrong here or what can I do to get it to update.

I can always live with the way it works but if I can update it I would like to.

Any help that is provided is greatly appreciated.



Oct 20, 2007
yes the version you have can be updated to the latest software. I have the same version you do. I have the latest tthome 2.2, 2meg sd card, and the NA map.

The update process took several times along with many resets. Follow the help in other threads, or call tomtom and have them walk you thru the upgrade process.


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