can i change maps? via live 120

Feb 10, 2012
London uk
TomTom Model(s)
go 710
i auntie gave me one tomtom she dont need, she lives in europe and have european maps, i am asking can i install UK maps, and delete europe maps, is it possible? how can i do that?
Are you sure the UK is not covered by the Europe map? If not, you can purchase the UK map using the Home software. Get it at
Home software and Via 120 (topic title)? Yeah, I know, his details show GO 710. Almost fooled me, too.
Point is, the process is VERY different with the Via 120. Your 710 used the Home software to manipulate the contents (or you could do it directly with your PC). The Via 125 is a whole nuther animal - requires the use of MyTomTom to manage what can be managed on these new units.

You'll want to get MyTomTom loaded and running, then assure that your Via 120 has the latest firmware.

The 120 was a 'regional' unit, so it may not have enough memory to hold all of Western Europe, but please verify whether or not it already has UK maps.

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