Mapshare changes disappear!!

Nov 30, 2008
New Jersey
TomTom Model(s)
GO 630
Ever since upgrading to the latest app/map versions I'm losing the map corrections I've entered. This happens after several updates via TomTom Home - some with MapShare corrections and some without. Yesterday for example I re-entered the 3 map corrections, made them permanent, and shared them. TomTom Home update applied GPSFix, SafetyCameras updates, and uploaded my corrections. Checked my map and my corrections were still there. Today, I updated via TomTom Home with only GPSFix and SafetyCameras applied, and my map corrections are gone!!!! I can't find any pattern, rhyme or reason as to why this happens. Anyone else having similar problems???

Any help appreciated!!
Check what is the level of corrections that is accepted. If it is set to accept corrections from some - I assume it should keep your own corrections. But if it is set to accept only from trusted sources (or from many people) - well, it probably may delete your corrections because they were reported by only you.
I never thought of that, I assumed by marking my changes as "permanent" they wouldn't be overridden, I had mapshare preferences set to Medium - verified by TomTom, trusted sources, and reported by many so I'll try the Low setting and see if that works out and report back.

Thanks! for you help!!
Ok, here's an update and I would appreciate if somebody would check this out.

1) I made map corrections to some local streets by blocking complete access to them.
2) Verified that the changes took by browsing my map and the blocked streets were red-lined.
3) Shut down my Go restarted and verified again that the changes were still there.
4) Started TomTom Home and went to "Operate My Go", browsed the map and the blocked streets were missing!!!!.
5) Disconnected my Go from TomTom Home and upon reboot I went to browse my map and sure enough the changes were gone!!!!

Is this another bug with TomTom Home and/or the app software???

Every now and them mapshare gets corrupted, resulting in your updates not sticking. Normally, any updates you make should be immediate and permanent (until you buy a new map).

Go to HOME, and in the mapshare menu at the top, there is a "remove all mapshare corrections" option. This clears the corruption, and your future updates will properly stick.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, I thought I was going crazy!!! So far your solution has worked perfectly, just can't understand why my posted "Operate My XXX" scenario would wipe out my corrections repeatedly?? As long as I didn't use that, my corrections were fine! Very strange, but then again so is the TomTom Software! LOL!!!!

Thanks again for your help and advice!

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