TTOne trying to change around the maps I have

Sep 30, 2009
So I went to the States recently and brought my TomTom with me. Before doing that I purchased new maps and replaced the ones that I had on my TT with the new ones as there was not enough space for both.

I am back home now and I want to put the original maps on the TT what do I do??? I can't seem to do it through the TT home application and if I do a restore on the device it only puts the maps I purchased from America back on the device?

Can I simply just move the old maps from the folder on my hard drive to the TT and leave it at that?
Presumably you backed up your previous map folder to the computer.

1. Use Explorer to copy the US map folder from the unit to the computer.
2. Check that the US folder really is on the computer.
3. Delete the US map folder from THE UNIT.
4. Copy back (using Explorer) the old map folder to the unit.

Home is NOT involved at all in the above process. Shut it down if it has started up.

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