Start 25, Via 120 Live or other?

Apr 23, 2009

I've been a TomTom user since the Navigator v2/v3 on a PocketPC days and for a number of years now i'm using a TomTom Go 520.

I am however looking for a new unit as:
- I'm aware the maps are getting old on the 520.
- My wife could do with one in her car and the 520 would be great for that.
- I am going to France soon and need one with one with Europe maps.

I got an e-mail advertising this Via Live 120 - and with a £10 discount voucher, making it £105 incl vat:

TomTom VIA LIVE 120 EU, 1 yr free LIVE service & carry case:

It's a refurb, but comes with a year's warranty so hopefully would be ok.

I've also looked at the Start 25, which has a bigger screen, sd card slot and is around the same price (£10 more with the discount voucher on the above and doesn't come with a case):

Which would people recommend? - the Via 120, Start 25, or is there another in the same price range?

I'm currently leaning towards paying the extra £10 for the Start 25 with the bigger screen and SD card slot, but am wondering why the full price of the VIA 120 is a lot it better in some way?

I then found: which has Go's at not much more...

Would value any advice from those in the know.




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