Very strange route to by Tomtom GO 2535

Mar 4, 2013
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I got a new GO 2535 TM WTE. Driving last Sunday, I almost fell for the stupid route Tomtom provided. To cross a street, Tomtom asked to turn right, drive a block, make a U turn, drive a block back and turn right. I thought it must be a temporary glitch. I made another trip at home, Tomtom still gave the same stupid route to cross the street. See the photo taken of the route segment (hope I got the image upload correct.)
Just one trip out in Montreal, I was also directed multiple times to make left turns where it is not allowed. It does not accept English names for the street in Montreal (a bilingual French and English region). I had a Magellan and a Garmin previously, never had these types illegal routes problems.
Any of you having the same experience.

:: driving on Saint-Denis St., cross road is Blvd. Saint-Joseph East, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Map: US Canada Mexico V900.4618, 10/2012.
App: 12.055.1124410.84(0) (2063, 11/23/2012)


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There appears to be a discontinuity in Saint-Denis St. as it crosses Blvd St-Joseph E in the map data. I'll check that on a current map (900) to see if that's the case ...

Yup. Some chucklehead has improperly added a 'turn restriction' at that intersection. There's evidently a "No Left Turn" onto Blvd St-Joseph E to the northeast, but in the process, they also added a restriction for going straight across as well!

You can correct this if you like on your unit, and share that with the community as well. If you're not familiar with the process, let us know.


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To get you started ...

Settings / Map corrections / Correct a map error / Change turn restrictions

On map

Find / Address

(enter Montreal, then Rue Saint-Denis, then use Boul Saint-Joseph E as the crossroad)


Select green arrow in upper left (coming from the NW) [it turns blue]


See the straight arrow in the circle in the lower right? Click that. [road segment turns green]

Thanks to canderson's quick responses and solution. It should work, but I did not try. I marked down the optimap for future use.
Hopefully the next update by Tomtom could solve this and other issues (I was pointed to left turns while only ahead and right turn was allowed, which are very dangerous or costly tickets.)
Otherwise, Tomtom has some good points: closer-to human voice, clear next destination street name, fast re-routing, fast traffic update, generated routes generally good, routes consider easy of driving (such as avoiding streets with many stop signs), ...
TomTom's updates only fix stuff like this when users report it! From the time of an initial report, it can take 9 months to see the change reflected in maps. Rather then assuming that fixing it on your unit + Mapshare system works, I prefer to work with their own system here .. easier with a mouse than my fat fingers:

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