TomTom vs everyone else?

Jan 24, 2020
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TomTom Model(s)
720 go
I have had two different TomTom gps units. Both bought from FutureShop, so they were from a long time ago. It was during the period that they didn't offer any map update for free, and you'd have to buy new maps without any knowledge if the updates even covered new roads or changes in your area.

I see that now the business practice has changed and TomTom along with just about everyone else now offers free map updates for life. As I have not ever owned a newer TomTom, I am trying to figure out what the advantages are verses everyone else?

I understand that TomTom has their own hardware, software and do their own mapping database. I am wondering how the Free updates work for TomTom. Does it cover Canada? how long is Life for a product line? Does the hardware require you to have a cell phone connected with data to use it?

I am trying to figure out if the $200 price tag is worth the extra or if the Chinese WinCE unit that run iGo work just as well. Has anyone done any comparisons between TomTom and everyone else?
Tomtom's newer models do have lifetime maps for the region the device was purchased in. North America in your case.

The newer models no longer use Home. Instead, MyDriveConnect is the software required for some devices. For others, all updates are done using the phone and updates are done using WiFi.

New maps are updated about 4 times a year, just as in the 720 era. Newer models require a smartphone to get live traffic and transfer the data to the phone via Bluetooth. The only exception WAS the Go Live 1535 which had its own SIM card. But not available anymore.
Miss my old GO 740 Live <g>

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