Hello Everyone. Just replaced my new Tomtom with another Tomtom got some questions.

Jun 24, 2007

I purchased a new Tomtom 910 on 6/1/07. Worked fine for 3 weeks. However, Saturday it went blank and wouldn't respond. I hit the reset button and it displayed the Tom tom logo screen, but I wasn't able to do anything more with it, seemed to freeze. I contacted Bestbuy and they exchanged it for a brand new 910 model. Then I discovered this site, just this afternoon and was hoping someone could answer a question or two. When you hit the reset button on the 910 does that wipe the memory out maps and all? If so, then I would be tolally dependent on any backup (which I failed to make) to reinstall the software. When I connected the unit to my PC, it failed to recongize the Tomtom device. Was the failure to recongize the Tomtom do to a lack of a backup present or another problem? Bestbuy exchanged it for a new model without any fuss. I'd just like to know what happened so I can afford the situation again.
Thanks for your response.
The obvious first answer is to make a complete backup. It is especially the maps that you should be concerned about. The operating system files can be gotten for free from TomTom if you ever need to. But the maps cost big bucks to replace! Many people also burn a copy of the backup onto a DVD as a 2nd precaution.

No, a reset doesn't wipe out anything. It just unblocks the unit.
Hello Mark and welcome.
Not to worry, the same happened to me when I purchased my ONE. anything I did would not work. So I exchanged it for another.
Need some help here.


As I have previously mentioned I've exchanged the non-working unit with another. This morning I unpacked the unit turned it on and it worked. Then remembering the failure to backup the first unit. I attempted to backup the new one. Several attempts to get TomTom Home to recongize the new TomTom connect to my computer, failed then it finally acknowledge and it. I thought I was in business. However, during the backup the unit seemed to fail, and wasn't recongized. and now its on - but not functioning. I tap the screen and nothing. I haven't hit reset yet, because I'm afraid that's what happened to the first TT. Again I contacted Best Buy and they suggested I bring the unit back and exchange it for a new one. (Thier answer to ever question apparenty) I purchased a 4yr service plan for this unit. They stated they'd send it out for repair, or exchange it. But I can't run to Best Buy and exchange the unit everytime I try to backup the unit. I need to get the TT back up and running. Will hitting the reset button do that? Then how can I backup the unit up without these same problems recurring? I'm really disappointed with Best Buy and the Tom Tom unit now. Are all GPS devices like this one? Do they all require the customer to do a backup? :confused:

Hello, sorry about your frustration with the bad units.

It is recommended to do a back up just in case something happens. Have you had a problem connecting the unit to the computer with the 1st unit you purchased?
Hello My unit is now working.


On Wednesday I called Tom Tom, as a last ditch effect to get the unit up and running again. I finally backed up the unit. After several attempts to get my computer to recongize the 910 it did and took a half an hour to backup the unit. Then the tech had me download an earlier version of the software. This took some time. After I completed the download and installed the software, my unit came back to life and then I had to reset the preferences. All in all the process took 3-4 hours, and two calls to Tom Tom. I'd like to thank the techs Earl and Casey, both were knowledgable which is more than I can say for Best Buy's techs. Hopefully I won't have this problem again for awhile.

Im glad to hear you got it working.
Just curious what version of firmwire did you have when you purchase your unit? I know a few people also had to do this.

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