Old, very old GO 700

Nov 18, 2015
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TomTom Model(s)
GO 700
Hi all. I have the above GO 700 Tom Tom, in fact two, the size of half a household brick. But I love 'em. Can't update maps etc, (thanks Tom Tom) but wont be buying a new unit any time soon. I have friends with inbuilt SatNavs in their cars but never use them, as they can't compete with their Tom Toms. Shame I can't update 'em, but not been let down with directions so far. Just need to make obvious adjustments when on the road & use a bit of common.
Now just in case maps can be updated, but not necessarily the latest ones, I'd be interested!!!


Afraid it isn't likely as Tomtom no longer provides updated maps to end of life units such as yours, even maps that aren't current.

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