ONE 3rd edition acting very strangely

Nov 29, 2007
ONE LE acting very strangely

Hi, I have a ONE LE (edit- mistake in title) edition that I bought 2 years ago that's acting strangely. I don't use it much, but decided that I'd charge it and fire it up today. It seemed to start okay, but after clearing a route that I never cleared, it seems like the touch screen is permanently locked in. What I mean is that the unit is acting like someone is repeatedly and persistently tapping the screen. It keeps on taking me to the Main Menu. If I hit "back" or "done", it temporarily goes to the road view, but immediately goes back to the main menu and then scrolls through the screens-- apparently, the point on the screen that's being activated is in the mid-right. I can't get to the road view because of this, rendering the unit useless now.

It didn't do this the last time I used it (months ago), or even right when I turned it on. It only started acting this way about 5 minutes in. How can I fix this? I've tried turning the unit on and off several times, wiping the screen, nothing works. Of note, I have a clear lens protector over the screen, but I've had this on since I got the ONE. I thought about resetting it, but I have a lot of POI and favorites that I don't want to erase.
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Firstly take the screen protector off as these are known to cause issues like you describe, then get a sheet of thin card/ paper and feed the corner of the sheet in to the gap between the screen and the suround, run the card all the way around the screen edge to push out any dirt/ bebris thats got stuck in the gap - Mike
Well I'll be darned! I removed the screen protector and the problem is fixed! However, I'm a little confused because there was no visible debris under the film; it was essentially perfectly applied. Also, I've had the same protector on there for almost 2 years without any issues; why would this start happening now?

On a tangent, does the touch-screen detect pressure or heat?
As far as I know, Tomtom touch screens are resistive. That means it is pressure based. I've been able to type with my palm stylus before, so it's definitely not heat-driven.
Over time any of the screen protectors become less flexible. As a result they try to "shrink" some, but the adhesive gives resistance. The result is some pressure along the edges of the protector. That pressure transfers to the screen itself. That's the most likely explanation (and I've got 20 years+ working with similar films:))

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