Urgent Help Please!!

May 16, 2009
I have just purchased a TomTom One off Ebay, refurbished 3rd edition. It had a little battery on it when it arrived so I had a little play. Then last night I uploaded some voices from the tomtom website ( the free ones lol ). I then backed up my tomtom..

Since then I have been unable to actually get into the tomtom menu.. It just sticks at the initial welcome screen, it is also not recognising when it is plugged into the computer. However I have checked on mytomtom and it does recognise that all of the software is still loaded onto the device.

I have tried resetting via the button at the bottom of the device, and also letting what battery there is wear down - again have recharged - the green light at the top is on but will not get past the original screen!

Will someone tell me if I am missing something obvious, or doing something wrong, as I urgently need to use it this week!! I wondered if somehow I needed to charge the untit up again before it will work?

Thanks for any help you can give!
With it connected to the PC can you see it appear as a drive letter in Windows Explorer? - Mike
Hi when it is plugged in and switched on it automatically loads up tomtom home.

It shows in my computer as tomtom E: in, where is windows explorer? Sorry if I am being a bit thick!

The tom tom screen then shows as orange with a picture of the tomtom plugged in to the computer, that's all..

Hope this information helps?

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