URGENT: Need Help Quickly

Mar 15, 2008
Unfortunately I have to take a cross country trip pretty quickly and so due to this am trying to find a decent GPS. I narrowed it down to Nuvi 750, 760 or the TomTom 720 & 920's and wanted some feedback. I have read a large number of reviews and it seems that most people are stating that map accuracy and accuracy of the route is better on the Garmins but feature wise (including voice input) leans in the favor of the TomTom.

I was hoping to find something with traffic although it seems from the answers on this and other boards that most people don't trust the quality of the traffic reporting yet on any device and would probably not refill after their trial period.

Thanks all, your input is greatly appreciated

I don't have a 720 myself, but if I were to buy another one, it would be a 720. These sell for $350 in Sam's right now. I have a TomTom ONE 3rd edtion and am happy with it getting me where I need to be.

Have you read some of these threads?

720 Traffic recieving praise

'Today Show' reviewed GPS units

Link to Today's Show review (if it's still available)

Good luck with your decision.
had a garmin 650 and a tt 720, preferred the tt. I found routing about par. Garmined killed in poi's. TT was a much better overall quality unit. Quality is hard to explain...hopefully they do a firmware update for those pesky poi's:)
I like the TT 910 because of the 20 GB hard drive. I do not have to worry about running out of room for maps a such. I have heard about to many people having problems with Gramin. They say they wish they had gotten a TT.

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