Can no longer connect to iphone - urgent help needed

Jul 31, 2010

I bought the TT 630 over another product as it can be used as a handsfree in the car. I paired the TT to my iphone when I got the TT, about a month ago. I came to use this feature today to try make a call but it said that the iphone was not connected. I pulled over to try connecting but it kept saying no phones found so I decided to leave it.

I tried again when I got home and a number of issues arose:

My bluetooth is activated on the phone and my iphone locates the TT in all of these scenarios.

TT cannot locate a mobile phone


TT asks to connect to iphone but then comes up with message saying something like "features cannot be detected on this phone"

The weird thing is that the iphone has connected and worked with the TT before and was still showing on the TT but cannot connect to it. It used to connect automatically whenever I turned the TT on as it said "connected to iphone" in top right of screen.

When the TT is trying to connect to the iphone it flashes something like " gateway" in top right hand corner but it literally flashes on and off quicker than you can read it.

I have tried deleting the original connection to the phone in case that caused the problem but it has not changed anything.

Please help

Does anyone know why I cannot pair the devices again or why it has stopped working? I am going to need this feature a lot over next 5 weeks and need it to work.

Thanks in advance.
Sounds as though you've got a lot more than a pairing problem since the devices seem to struggle to find each other to begin with during discovery. Assuming your iPhone is configured to be discoverable over a reasonable period of time, that end should be OK.

" iphone locates the TT in all of these scenarios."

The iPhone is clearly sending and receiving packets or it couldn't ping the TomTom to discover it. But that means that the TomTom hardware is working, too ... both the receiver and transmitter have to work to both see the discovery attempt by the iPhone and respond to it. Granted, the packets are short, but it still indicates the hardware is working on both ends. If one can "discover" the other, hardware is functioning at some level on both sides.

Since the TT has a hard time seeing the iPhone, an interesting test would be to find a buddy with another BT enabled phone. See if the TomTom can discover it consistently.
Reset the TT and it worked fine since then. Might be the bug that been reading about.
If you've updated to firmware 8.351, yes, that's entirely possible -- not usually quite as big an issue as you're having, though.

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