URGENT!! No Maps In Manage My Device

Aug 25, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
I bought an XL 1GB in Europe. Now I am back in US. The problem is I can't install US map because not enough space in my memory. Now, I know you have to go to your Tomtom Home then manage my device then items on device and remove the files you want. The problem is there is maps folder, but 877MB of space is occupied. The biggest file there is to remove is under voices folder and its like 17MB. When I turn on my tomtom I can see the map of Turkey but I cant find it under items on device.

What the **** kind of sorcery is this????

This is urgent becuase I am supposed to go to Orlando in few hours for a job interview.
Please help
There should not be 877MB occupied on your unit after you have moved your European map from the device.

I doubt we can resolve this in the little time remaining before you have to leave for Orlando.

The first thing you will need to do is make a FULL backup of your unit to your PC. Use the method described in this link >> https://www.tomtomforums.com/t17864-how-backup-contents-your-unit-computer-how-restore.html

Then, we need to determine the name of the map folder on your unit. It will be a folder in the root likely named "Western_Europe" or similar. Once the backup mentioned above is complete, it is safe to manually delete that folder from your unit. At that point, you'll need to try to add the U.S. map.

1GB isn't a whole lot of space for a full US map, but I believe TomTom is still formatting one in that size. Can you tell us when you downloaded that US map?
Last question ... you aren't by any chance using a Mac to perform this operation, are you? If so, you MUST empty trash on the PC in order to empty the trash on the TomTom or it will all just still be there on your TomTom in a hidden trash folder.
I restored and backed up my files. I am willing to delete the other files permenantly. i dont know how to delete the files manually. Like i said i cant see the maps folder in items on device. And i am using a mac
Using Finder (not TomTom Home), you should be able to see the entire content of your device just as though it were a thumb drive or similar storage device.
i looked at the thumbdrive on desktop. There is a maps folder but there is nothing in it. I sorted the folders according to the size and the biggest folder is like 20MB. i dont understand whats taking up so much space. I turned on my tomtom and it finds the map of Turkey. So the map is in the device.
Have you emptied your system trash yet per the message above? If not, please do so and report back the available space on your device using Finder.
Emptying your 'system' trash on your Mac also empties the trash on any connected peripheral devices. Are you STILL showing 877MB used on your XL?
You said you bought the XL in Europe....which might have misled some of the people replying... but you didn't say you bought a version with full Europe mapping.

I suspect you have bought a "regional" model which only has the maps for one country (such as the UK... or in your case Turkey?).

If that's the case, there won't be a "Europe" or "Western Europe" folder, but there would have been a folder named something like "Turkey".

It's possible that you cannot ever fit a full US map on that device as it has limited internal memory and no SD card expansion slot.
However, I don't have intimate knowledge of the US map options so as Canderson says, you may well find one that fits into 1GB, (I found one that was 799.8 MB but some space is required for other stuff like your voices). Otherwise you might need to opt for a map of just one part of the US if that is offered to you.

Once you have removed that map folder (and ensured it is saved safely on your Mac) then you should be able to connect to Home and use the "Buy maps" option to see what is offered.

Alternatively, the TT website will give you an idea of what's possible, if you enter the first two characters of your serial number (the one under the barcode) into the webpage here - US site or here - UK site (which is more likely to have your particular model name).

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