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Jan 20, 2013
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Dear all

I am not a very technically literate user, but the story so far. Bought Tomtom in Spain.
I was told to update it after three months. However, my computer was down for most of that time, and so could not do it.

Now here I am, about to go on a long journey to UK without my updated maps. The device tells me that the maps are 10 years old!

Question how to update Tomtom for free after the three months have past?


Well, you need MyTomTom (get it at Log into it with an email address/password to register the device if you never have.

I doubt your maps are 10 years old. The model wasn't around 10 years ago!!

On the device, click on Settings-->Me and my device-->My device. What does it show for a map and version number? The current is 900.XX

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