New GPS & TomTom User

Apr 19, 2010
Ottawa, Canada
TomTom Model(s)
Hi folks, I am a brand new GPS user and have just bought a XXL540S World Traveller unit with North America, Mexico and Europe maps pre-loaded. I am learning quickly about POIs, voices etc. and trying to get comfortable with the unit before leaving (if I can fly!) for England for 3.5 weeks in 10 days.

Before reading much I did use TomTom Home backup to backup the device on the weekend. It took forever! Now I will use my Mac Finder to copy all of the files on the 540S to a back-up directory on my Mac to make sure I don't have missing files and have a multiple-backup capability with named backups.

Looking forward to using the TomTom as we drive to parts previously unvisited in Northern England and down in Devon with the family.

Welcome to TTF, Bruce. I wouldn't waste my time with Home's backups in the future, just use Finder.

When you land in England, expect some delay in grabbing a gps signal on your unit. Try to be in an open area and stationary. Also, once the signal is captured, you'll likely see a screen appear asking in effect to switch to the Western_Europe map since the signal will place your long/lat position in a location where your NA map is of no value (that is, if you haven't switched maps prior to getting on the plane).

Also, once there, you may want to change the measurement units to mph from kilometers.

Have a good trip.
hmmm, leaving for England?
Are all England airport still close? I thought only Lufthansa airlines start boarding for flying in and out of Frankfurt but very limited. I hope by the time you're leaving, everything will be clear out.
Be safe.

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