Urban Rider Charging Mount Query

Feb 22, 2011
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Urban Rider
Hi guys,

I'm completely new to TT and sat nav in general. I've got an Urban Rider Europe and I am likely to be doing some long tours on the bike this summer.

I imagine that getting a charging mount and wiring this to the bike is the way to go so as not to run out of juice on the road.

I use the bike for commuting and wont be using TT most days. If I wire the mount direct to the battery, and remove the GPS when I'm not on the bike - does the mount run down the battery when no unit is connected to it?

I've seen some comments on here re wiring the + to the tail light and/or using a relay - but does this only apply if the GPS is constantly left in place on the mount?

Answers to the above would be really appreciated as woudl any other general advice on other solutions.

Many thanks.
Welcome to TTF.

One of our 'biker' gurus will likely respond to your query so check back...........
The mount itself draws no power. I rarely even remove my Rider2 from the mount. I once left my Rider turned on for 2 days (forgot to turn it off) and it didnt affect the starting of my bike.

Thanks guys.

I'm based in the UK, but sure such things are obtainable.

So basically: I can wire the mount direct to the battery (with an inline fuse on the positive wire) and this won't draw any power unless my unit is actually on the mount?

If that's the case - sounds pretty easy.

Have you guys found the charging mount is pretty durable? Someone told me theirs broke.

Thanks again for your advice.
I've got the mount on a RAM "ball" with a 3 inch arm. This allows it to shake a bit so it absorbs some of the shock of the road/bike. I've had it mounted this way for 2 years and all is still well. The RAM ball is mounted to a mount that appears to be made for a radar detector to mount flat on.
I may try to drop down to a shorter arm, just because I started using a tank bag and it hits sometimes. I'm also considering an alternate mount location more centered on the bars (currently mine is mounted over the clutch perch)

My beliefs are if you try to mount the cradle with the supplied metal base (assuming it is the same as was shipped with the RIDER 2) that makes it less able to absorb the shock and you'll be more prone to have a failure at some point.

Here is what you can get to work with Motorcycles from RAM. I'm sure there is stuff available from ebay and local dealers as well.
RAM Motorcycle Mount
I actually replaced the long arm that came with the Rider2 to a 1" because of the constant shaking and jolting. Its been that way for about 200,000km now on my Wee with no problems.

I also still have the original dock, have not had any issues. I do place a small dab of dielectric grease on the contact pins a few times per summer.

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Great, thanks guys.

I'll set about wiring the thing in this weekend if I've got time.
Just a precautionary note TT. Be sure to connect the RED wire from the dock to the + side of the battery and the BLACK to the -. I am not sure if the new dock has been modified, but heard of a few being connected up with these wires reversed resulting in a failure of the dock. TT were advised and a simple circuit change inside the dock would have prevented this happening meaning that the dock didn't need to be replaced.


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