Tom Tom Urban Rider Power Supply

Mar 19, 2013
United Kingdom
TomTom Model(s)
Urban Rider
Hi everyone,

I've got a motorcycle sat nav, the Tom Tom Urban Rider.

I've connected it to a dock that allows me to power it from the main vehicle battery. All :wired up OK.

The thing do you know if the dock has connected successfully and if the unit is being powered from the vehicle battery or from the internal one? Is there any way of telling other than just waiting to see if it ever runs low?:confused:


If it's running on battery, you should see a small battery icon on the main driving screen. Green if fully charged or almost full. Amber for a dimished charge, Red for a low battery and a red flashing battery is it is about to die on you.
Thanks, but that won't actually tell me whether the battery is being charged via the doc or not.

The battery is always connected and the icon will always appear.

What I need to know is whether or not power is coming from the in built battery or the main vehicle one..


Thanks, but that won't actually tell me whether the battery is being charged via the doc or not.
Actually, it will.

The device runs off the battery, even when connected to an external power source. If the device is running, it's being charged as long as there's no battery icon being shown.

The icon ONLY appears when you have no external power source. At that time, the icon is there to advise about the state of charge on your battery.
Actually, that's not quite right. On the Urban Rider the battery icon appears all the time, whether being charged or not. The difference is that when its being charged (from the mains at least) the icon flashes with a little lightning bolt.

When connected to the on bike dock however, the icon just stays steady green and full. There is power to the dock as shown by a voltmeter, but I still don;t know for sure whether the unit is actually being charged...very odd.


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