Tom Tom Urban Rider

Mar 19, 2013
United Kingdom
TomTom Model(s)
Urban Rider
Hi Guys and Girls,

I've just bought my first ever sat nav (be gentle with me) a Tom Tom Urban Rider for my motorbike...

I've found the route planning thingy on Tom-Tom home to be limited so I've found TYRE and I have created a route and saved it to my Tom Tom device. However I can't seem to find any way of actually accessing it - no icon seems relevant.... How do I get the device to run the route I've saved?:confused::confused:

Many thanks

Th menu you're looking for is "Itinerary Planning" - it's always on the last page of the main menu (I hope it's there on the Urban Rider!)

On the first screen are buttons to add points on the itinearary manually, but if you go to "options" you should find "Load Itinerary"
That means you can save lots of itinerary files on the TT at once and just load up the one you want.

P.S. the files you add to the TomTom need to go into the "itn" folder, I'm guessing Tyre does that automatically for you, but you can put them there yourself too.

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